swim for

swim for (someone or something)

To attempt to reach someone or something by swimming. The lifeguard swam for the girl, but he couldn't reach her in time. Our boat had started filling with water, so we jumped overboard and swam for shore.
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swim for someone or something

to travel toward someone or something by swimming. I swam for George, who was farther out, holding onto a float. I am going to swim for the island.
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References in classic literature ?
I know what I will do--I am sure it will be best--no matter what happens I will stick to the raft as long as her timbers hold together, but when the sea breaks her up I will swim for it; I do not see how I can do any better than this."
Manchester's under-17s can now swim for free every weekend, bolstering the current swimming offer which allows them to swim for free during the school holidays.
The development means PSL star Jasmine Mojdeh will finally get the opportunity to swim for the national team along with her teammates.
One skill, called "swim, float, swim," has a goal similar to that of many camp swim tests: that children orient their bodies toward safety and swim for it, taking breaks to avoid tiring out and then starting up again.
Mr Pugh broke the world record for the most southerly swim for the second time in 10 days, as he battles to complete a series of swims in the freezing waters of the Antarctic to raise awareness of the need for a vast protected area in the region's Ross Sea.
I would go to the leisure centre with my friends and swim for hours.
"The kids have been learning to swim for the past three years, but since moving over to the new Aqua Passport scheme last October, they've come along in leaps and bounds," said Kate.
Many swim to spend the hot afternoons with friends to stay cool, while some swim for fitness.
A combined 200m swim for those aged 12 and younger will also take place and for those who feel the mile swim is just out of reach, a two category male and female 400m and 800m swim is also on offer for ages 18 and under and 19 and over.
MORE than 20 million people aged 16 and under and 60 and over will be able to swim for free from April 1 as part of the Government's pounds 140m free swimming initiative Swimming is a great way to keep fit and stay healthy - and it's fun!
We are hoping that this year, they will once again take part in the Swim for Life campaign.
As a family, we learned to swim for entertainment and survival.
In the winter it depends on the temperature but normally we would swim for around 20 minutes.
Club chairwoman Heulwen Cooper said: "During this time of year, we usually swim for an hour for our postal swim, so when we saw Lengths for Life, that's more or less what we do, so we decided to take part and at the same time raise money.