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swill something down

to drink something, especially an alcoholic drink, in great gulps. The guy took a quart of beer and swilled it down in a few seconds. He swilled down a quart of beer.
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swill down

1. To drink something quickly: After the toast, we swilled down our beers. I poured a tall glass of orange juice and swilled it down.
2. swill down with To follow the ingestion of something, such as food, with the ingestion of some liquid: We swilled down the hot dogs with beer. I swilled the bitter medicine down with a glass of water.
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swill out

To empty or clean something by a flow of water or liquid: After you finish washing the dishes, swill out the sink with water. I swilled the cup out and poured myself a glass of milk.
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monkey swill

n. inferior liquor; strong liquor. Where did you get this monkey swill? This would kill a monkey anyway.
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1. n. liquor. The swill they serve here is better than you can get elsewhere.
2. n. a drink of liquor. Here, you can have a little swill of mine.
3. tv. & in. to drink liquor. He swilled a whole case of beer yesterday. Isn’t he joyful yet?
4. n. any nasty food or drink. Let’s go over to the ptomaine-domain and get our evening swill.


n. a drinking bout. There was a swill-up at the frat house last week.
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In his spare time, Swilling enjoys travel, visiting jazz lounges, attending art exhibits, and mentoring at-risk students.
The worst part, Swilling said, was knowing that every time they left their base, something was probably going to happen.
And then, the surge came to Diyala and Swilling said things changed overnight.
The author of the Morse books, Colin Dexter, said he wanted to end the series while the beer- swilling 'tec was at the top, but promised fans he won't suffer a gory end.
LABOUR is normally the party with money to burn in Scotland, thanks to all that trade union cash swilling around its coffers.
The downfall of Kendall Coffey - South Florida's top federal law officer - mirrors Demi Moore's latest film Striptease in which a politician becomes violent at a Florida strip club after swilling champagne.
Throughout the tournament I watched various matches in UK bars, where the disappointment in England's performance was accompanied by foul-mouthed chanting and beer swilling.
And, of course, there are the cursory, shallowly rendered attempts to define the claustrophobic life underwater and the caricatures of the vodka- swilling, fatalistic Roo-skies.
GARDAI were amazed when they nabbed 50 drinkers swilling pints in their local pub at 5am on Easter Sunday.
After swilling green beer in plastic cups and chowing down on corned beef and cabbage, about 100 leather clad bikers roared through Santa Clarita on Sunday to raise money for the city's community center.
But what about the other possibilities, like upscale restaurants that offer a more genteel event with wine sipping instead of beer swilling, or an annual all-you-can-eat super sushi feast, or a chain of Italian trattorias that specializes in good takeout eats for viewers enjoying the event in their own home.
Tobacco, she warned, is as bad as a T-bone steak, salt, stress, certain illnesses, and slurping and swilling demon rum.
And she won't be tottering around on stilettos and swilling bubbly like Patsy in her latest role.
Elway grabbed his left hamstring after being sacked by Pat Swilling a series before his game-winning TD pass, and Denver coach Mike Shanahan said he wasn't even sure if Elway would be able to continue playing.