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swill something down

to drink something, especially an alcoholic drink, in great gulps. The guy took a quart of beer and swilled it down in a few seconds. He swilled down a quart of beer.
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swill down

1. To drink something quickly: After the toast, we swilled down our beers. I poured a tall glass of orange juice and swilled it down.
2. swill down with To follow the ingestion of something, such as food, with the ingestion of some liquid: We swilled down the hot dogs with beer. I swilled the bitter medicine down with a glass of water.
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swill out

To empty or clean something by a flow of water or liquid: After you finish washing the dishes, swill out the sink with water. I swilled the cup out and poured myself a glass of milk.
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monkey swill

n. inferior liquor; strong liquor. Where did you get this monkey swill? This would kill a monkey anyway.
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1. n. liquor. The swill they serve here is better than you can get elsewhere.
2. n. a drink of liquor. Here, you can have a little swill of mine.
3. tv. & in. to drink liquor. He swilled a whole case of beer yesterday. Isn’t he joyful yet?
4. n. any nasty food or drink. Let’s go over to the ptomaine-domain and get our evening swill.


n. a drinking bout. There was a swill-up at the frat house last week.
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Swiller, who added that he believes the profession has become time-centric and impersonal.
Participating teams are: TC (Thursday Club) managed by Andrew Allison; Greggy's Sunday Swillers managed by Jordan Wood; Spirit in the Sky managed by Kier Mapplebeck; and 23 Never Out managed by Ray Clayton and Gary Home.
They're priced to be competitive with "sipping spirits," that is premium grade alcoholic beverages that call for a more measured gustatory approach than TGIF "well swillers.
As a member of AC/DC cover band The Swillers he approached other bands for help.
But make no mistake, Gordon Strachan has a bite to match his bark and yesterday Celtic's manager went looking for trouble in the latest startling act of his one-man war against the Kestrel swillers.
I know there are clubs about who attempt it, but these have usually had the floor space reduced to the size of a pocket handkerchief and surrounded by tables full of beer swillers and people intent on poisoning the atmosphere with cigarette smoke.
Lads are no longer inspired by loutish, beer swillers, but are looking up to clean-living, successful men, according to the men's mag that inspired the 'Lad Generation'.
They're not bothered about trainers and owners there, all they're bothered about is beer swillers and lager louts
THERE are some conmen around and unsuspecting champagne swillers in the Bollinger tent were, amazingly, handing over money to a man reportedly from the Hare Krishna movement, who somehow had acquired a media pass.
Shame, too, on the corporate troughers and swillers who routinely and inexcusably left hundreds of Centre Court seats empty for the earlier 1pm start of play - including for Henman's matches against Todd Martin and Ivanisevic.
Pic's real affinity for the outlaw lifestyle and brazen lack of refinement will undoubtedly make it a critical pariah in polite company but should endear it big time to the World Wrestling Federation crowd, resulting in major cult status among six-pack swillers and solid returns for Warner Bros.
30pm Cost: Free Raven Inn, Llanarmonyn-Ial 01824 780833 Event: Good Friday Time: 12 noon-11pm Cost: varies Details: Food from 5pm SATURDAY Saith Seren, Wrexham 01978 447006 Event: Swillers Time: 9pm Cost: Free Details: Rock band The Gladstone, Dwygyfylchi 01492 623231 Event: Perfect 10 Time: 9pm - midnight Cost: Free Details: Live music by the very talented Perfect 10.
The punters are a friendly bunch of swanky swillers, with city types and arty fashionistas enjoying post-work and pre-party drinks.
Meanwhile, the top chef at Swansea's new five-star Morgans Hotel landed himself in a stew when he criticised Welsh restaurant customers as unsophisticated beer swillers.
Right across racing, from the champagne swillers to the brown ale bashers, the reaction was one of outrage and anger.