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suds swiller

slang A beer enthusiast. Sometimes hyphenated. I've never really been a suds swiller, so I usually have to bring my own drinks to parties. Oktoberfest in Munich is a mecca each year for suds-swillers around the globe.
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n. a beer-drinker. Ted is a suds-swiller and Bill won’t touch the stuff. What strange roommates.
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Swiller's "black bag" contains just about everything he needs to conduct a basic physical exam, draw blood, or get an ECG.
Instead of despising Djere and taking him for a wretched swiller of rum he should have tried to understand him, to talk things over with him.
Nonduplume The stewards should take a more continental approach and baton the swillers.
The teams were TC (Thursday Club) United managed by Andrew Allison, Greggy's Sunday Swillers managed by Jordan Wood, Spirit in the Sky managed by Kier Mapplebeck and 23 Never Out managed by Ray Clayton This was followed by Golcar Fest held by Golcar Conservative Club featuring bands such as Wired, Wingbeat and Josh Maguire.
Along with the hordes of summer swillers who reach for rose on hot, sunny days, the launch of celebrity rose from the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and cult roses such as Whispering Angel, have helped spur the rose boom.
Now perhaps Mr Hedley can tell me, just how does holding a ballot in a beer swillers' hall or a nice sparkly coffee shop pay tribute to our fallen relatives?
Well, as much as some people are crying that the rights of soda swillers are being violated, a good argument could be made that obese people are violating the rights of healthy people.
In 1868 Newcastle got its first horsedrawn steam engine and the ale swillers found their supply cut off.
Colleague Ron Adams, part of AC/DC cover band The Swillers, helped organise the fundraising concert.
The grunters may snout around unappetising troughs, but they are not renowned as scum swillers.
(48-51) Delivered to a pit of cheery youthful swillers, located in a notorious red-light district, and in the midst of a comedy, the chances of success for such sentiments look unpropitious.
It might be pounds 85 a ticket but, before rushing to judge Johnson, the beer swillers in the corporate seats should look at the quality of the man and the shallowness of the people around him.
Moonshine swillers and feuding hicks--these are the images that most people hold.