1. slang To move with twisting, writhing, or otherwise irregular motions; to wriggle or wiggle. The baby just swiggled and squirmed as I tried to change her diaper. This piece keeps swiggling in the wind. Any way we can tighten it up?
2. slang To drink alcohol excessively. The old coot just sits at the bar swiggling beer and whiskey, shouting abuse at anyone who walks by. You swiggled all my wine, you lush!
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and swiggled (swɪgd and ˈswɪglæd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Man, is she ever swigged!
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"The Hula Hoopin' Queen" is a bouncy, swingy, swish, swiggle, swish, rainbow ride of a read, and children of all ages, but especially girls of African American descent will love it.
I ask him if he misses the heels, and he's quick to say no, though adds: "I've had to redicover how I walk basically, as for some of my entrances and exits I have a bit of a swiggle going on with my bum.
The system features colorful, flexible track pieces that are simple to connect and easy to add on to, and comes with a motorized, musical Pocoyo vehicle, as well as a moving bridge that puts the "swiggle" movement in SwiggleTraks.
The nose is sometimes a swiggle, a curve or two dots to represent the nostril.
THESE are wonderfully packaged in bright boxes, come in three flavours and have great names like Frobscottle Swiggle Berry Juice and Oompa-Loompa Cocktail Tropical Juice.
The blackcurrant and strawberry content of Frobscottle Swiggle, and the Sherbert Slurper containing apple, orange, lime and lemon juices, also make excellent healthy choices that kids will love.
Units being tested include dual seal silicone, dual seal polysulfide, single seal polysulfide, single seal swiggle, and single seal intercept with hot melt.
The Swiggle Drinking System has a valve stem that toggles in any direction and is activated by teeth, tongue, or lips.