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1. slang To move with twisting, writhing, or otherwise irregular motions; to wriggle or wiggle. The baby just swiggled and squirmed as I tried to change her diaper. This piece keeps swiggling in the wind. Any way we can tighten it up?
2. slang To drink alcohol excessively. The old coot just sits at the bar swiggling beer and whiskey, shouting abuse at anyone who walks by. You swiggled all my wine, you lush!


1. n. a deep drink of liquor; a swallow of liquor. She took a swig of rum and leaped into the lagoon.
2. tv. to drink liquor deeply. He nearly swigged the whole bottle before he needed to take a breath.


and swiggled (swɪgd and ˈswɪglæd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Man, is she ever swigged!
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Pierre Swiggers, in exploring the 19th-century origins of linguistics, explains how Sprachwissenschaft was introduced to Germany in 1821 as being 'scientific' (wissenschaftlich) as opposed to philology, which the self-proclaimed scientist August Schleicher is cited as dismissing as an "entertaining occupation for text-lovers" (p.
As one seasoned observer put it: "it should appeal more to wine drinkers than beer swiggers.
Segun autores como Swiggers (1998), a pesar de las diferencias en cuanto a la categorizacion entre la propuesta aristotelica y la roschiana (vease para mas informacion Swiggers (1988) que hace una comparacion critica sobre las categorias gramaticales y la conceptualizacion entre Aristoteles, los modistas y la linguistica cognitiva), existen algunos puntos de encuentro entre este modelo y las propuestas de Aristoteles con respecto a otros aspectos afines a la linguistica cognitiva como, por ejemplo, la metafora.
BUSHVILLE WINS: THE WILD SAGA OF THE 1957 MILWAUKEE BRAVES AND THE SCREWBALLS, SLUGGERS, AND BEER SWIGGERS WHO CANNED THE NEW YORK YANKEES AND CHANGED BASEBALL is a lively, charged survey of the New York Yankees and the Boston Braves, covering the reasons behind the major league team's move to a minor league town.
6) Representado por autores como Pierre Swiggers, Adrian Marino o Douwe Fokkema, el nuevo paradigma comparatista implica dejar de lado la concepcion de la Literatura Comparada como una disciplina centrada en los contactos entre dos o mas literaturas nacionales y orientada hacia el estudio de fuentes e influencias, para ocuparse del estudio de los productos literarios dentro de sistemas y subsistemas ideologicos en sociedades determinadas o en clases determinadas dentro de una sociedad (cf.
La distincion entre las emisiones constatativas y las emisiones realizativas constituye el punto de partida de los importantes trabajos del filosofo ingles John Langshaw Austin, que tanto han contribuido a los estudios pragmaticos de la comunicacion en la filosofia del lenguaje y en la linguistica teorica (Pater y Swiggers, 2009:27).
I would also like to thank Alexis Michaud (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris), Pierre Swiggers (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Stephanie W.
The only way to make a living is to work for yourself," Michelle Swiggers heard from her father as she was growing up.
5) LAW, Vivien, <<The Memonic Structure of Ancient Grammatical Doctrine>>, dans SWIGGERS, Pierre WOUTERS, Alfons (edd.
The euphoric din unites country dubbers with country dwellers, big-money donors with low-rent bubbas, whiskey swiggers with teetotalers.
In his "Unite et pluralite du langage: perfection et imperfection d'un projet semiotique," Swiggers describes the election of lingua belgica to the status of the Adamic language that was proposed by Goropius Becanus in his Origines Antverpianae.
Swiggers focuses on the Institutiones grammaticae Latinae (1538) of Nicolas Clenardus, far less known than his Hebrew or Greek grammar.