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Two keys to success in going national are to keep the focus on the worst cases and ensure the "swiftness and certainty of ...
Talking about Asiajust (a UNODC affiliate which aims to improve the quality and swiftness of mutual legal assistance in the fight against trans-national crime), Michelle Bonnieu, UNODC's Senior Regional Legal Advisor, told Gulf News: "We have to build networks to defeat criminal networks.
but the swiftness of his anger soon carried the board away (he had
Simplicity is not a bad thing, as it attacks the basest emotions with a swiftness rarely enjoyed in today's culture.
"Today, as we ponder the horrific consequences and the terrible swiftness and scope of the collapse, we know now that what we saw then was not unstoppable, but rather unsustainable," Al-Naimi said.
Tunisia also has an efficient electronic administration that is close to the concerns of citizens and enterprises, and strives to ensure transparency, swiftness and efficiency for taxable economic transactions.
The swiftness of the ousting will stoke fears about the political and financial direction of South Africa.
That swiftness out of his blocks carried him into an unassailable lead although his younger Jamaican rival almost snatched what would have been a dramatic victory with a storming finish.
According to deterrence theory, the effectiveness of any punishment is contingent upon three factors: celerity (swiftness), severity and certainty.
The Wall Street Journal's editorialists and The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer offered worthy entries, but for swiftness and audacity, the National Review surely took the prize.
And with unbelievable swiftness, he rockets to a distant place to save people who are screaming for help.
The NYPD shut down the Gotham soiree with the swiftness. Over eighteen hundred persons managed to make it into the Castro Theatre in SF.
Thirty-five missing, vulnerable, people were found and 295 arrests were made last year, thanks to the swiftness of the police helicopter.
Commission officials have welcomed the swiftness of Romania's response to its mid-May findings, as they have that of Bulgaria, also hoping to join in January 2007.