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Life is short and time is swift.

Prov. You should enjoy life as much as possible, because it does not last very long. Jill: Want to go to the movies with me? Jane: Oh, I don't know; I should probably stay at work and finish a few things. Jill: Come on, Jane, life is short and time is swift.
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*quick as a wink

 and *quick as a flash; *quick as (greased) lightning; *swift as lightning
very quickly. (*Also: as ~.) As quick as a wink, the thief took the lady's purse. I'll finish this work quick as a flash. Quick as greased lightning, the thief stole my wallet.
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swift and sure

fast and certain. (As with the flight of a well-aimed arrow.) The response of the governor to the criticism by the opposing party was swift and sure. The boxer's punch was swift and sure and resulted in a quick knockout and a very short match.
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*swift as an arrow

 and *swift as the wind; *swift as thought
very fast. (*Also: as ~.) The new intercity train is swift as an arrow. You won't have to wait for me long; I'll be there, swift as thought.
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quick as a wink

Also, quick as a bunny or a flash . Very speedily, as in He was out of here quick as a wink, or She answered, quick as a bunny. These similes have largely replaced the earlier quick as lightning, although quick as a flash no doubt alludes to it (also see like greased lightning), and quick as thought, now obsolete. The bunny variant dates from the mid-1800s, the others from the late 1800s.
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1. mod. smart and clever. Excuse my brother. He’s not too swift.
2. mod. sexually fast or easy, usually said of a woman. Britney is swift, they say, but I find her to be a perfect lady.
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Calling the test a "clear violation" of relevant Security Council resolutions banning one by North Korea, Kishida said Japan has already asked South Korea, which chairs the council in New York this month, to swiftly hold consultations among 15 council members.
We know that should we or one of our loved ones be involved in a road accident, again help will swiftly reach the scene.
Prince Of Sorrento looked like making his long journey from Epsom worthwhile when striking the front well over two furlongs out and once he saw off the challenge of Memory Cloth the race looked in safe keeping, but Danny Tudhope had not given up on Swiftly Done (6-1).
He called for a comprehensive solution to the power cuts and for officials to react swiftly to citizens' complaints, with all resources devoted to eliminate their suffering and guarantee their comfort.
MacLennan's dismissal will be swiftly forgotten as the main battleground of the economy comes into sharp focus in the coming days.
He said: "Our generation's response to this challenge will be judged by history, for if we fail to meet it - boldly, swiftly, and together - we risk consigning future generations to an irreversible catastrophe.
Mizuno said that it was necessary for the central bank to take unusual steps swiftly in order to counter the economic situation that the country is now facing.
According to the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, business executives whose companies have invested more than US$5 million in local manufacturing or US$10 million in tourism services are eligible to receive an Investor Express Card from August 29 that will allow the holders to swiftly clear immigration and customs inspections.
I poise my hand and concentrate, Then swiftly let it drop.
The National Association of Home Builders this week applauded president Bush for laying out a set of guidelines to help boost the sluggish economy and urged Congress and the White House to work together in a bipartisan fashion to swiftly implement a stimulus package.
As expected, this was swiftly followed by letters from people who agreed and disagreed.
The Riddle Of The Missing Puppies is a thoroughly entertaining read as Leah, Sara and Aimee find a dog named Pest and swiftly uncover everything they can to solve the case.
A Daredevil & Two Boards: Ralph Samuelson, The Lake Pepin Pioneer Who Invented Water Skiing is as entertaining as it is informative, and a "must read" for anyone who has ever strapped on a pair of waterskis and held on for dear life to the tow rope of a motorboat while swiftly skimming over the surface of a lake or river
Following Nick and his friends through the incidental killing of a man on a stretch of deserted mountain highway, bringing them to his thick wad of one-hundred dollar bills and a key leading to a mysterious video-tape, Sleeping Policemen captivates the reader's attention from beginning to end with a swiftly paced story filled with engaging twists and unexpected turns.