swift as an arrow

(redirected from swift as the wind)

*swift as an arrow

 and *swift as the wind; *swift as thought
very fast. (*Also: as ~.) The new intercity train is swift as an arrow. You won't have to wait for me long; I'll be there, swift as thought.
See also: arrow, swift
References in classic literature ?
How he loves the bravo of Chao with his sabre from the Chinese Sheffield of Wu, "with the surface smooth as ice and dazzling as snow, with his saddle broidered with silver upon his white steed; who when he passes, swift as the wind, may be said to resemble a shooting star
He is swift as the wind, untiring, and is kind to his friends.
His rage assumed fury, he doubted himself, - he suspected that Fouquet had buried himself in some subterranean road, or that he had changed the white horse for one of those famous black ones, as swift as the wind, which D'Artagnan, at Saint- Mande, had so frequently admired and envied for their vigor and their fleetness.
Just as he threw it in he said, 'God bless you, mistress, let it lie there a little,' and away he runs swift as the wind.
Why, he set off, as swift as the wind, straight down to the seashore, scampered across the sand, took an airy leap, and plunged right in among the foaming billows.
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