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He spoke with a firmness which was very gentle, and yet he could see that Bulstrode seemed to cower under that gentleness, his face looking dried and his eyes swerving away from the glance which rested on him.
"She then described the car swerving away from them."
The Czech midfielder was allowed time to turn the ball onto his right foot 20 yards from goal and cut across the ball with his shot to send it swerving away from Kean but agonizingly struck the underside of the crossbar and bounced away.
In April, in Tablet Magazine, Dvora Meyers painted Winehouse as a unique figure in the annals of Jewish culture, at once indelibly Jewish and hyper-aware of her roots (her music and even style owed much to Phil Spector's 1960s girl-group masterpiece) while swerving away from the good-girl stereotype.
Never swerving away from the darker side of the human condition, it is an album that'll break your heart, then lovingly kiss it better, piece by piece.
After swerving away from the spinning rotor blades, Green was chased off the runway by airport officials - and his joyride ended when he knocked over a bystander and ploughed into a parked car.
Ferguson stepped forward and lifted his effort up and over the wall, swerving away from keeper Paul Gallacher's desperate dive.
"Getting on the podium for Jaguar is as good as any win I've ever had," he told reporters before swerving away from the inevitable questions about his future.
Michael Essien could have doubled the lead five minutes later but his 30-yard drive, swerving away from Demirel, hit the crossbar.
The five-year-old had some red-hot novice form last season and punters were walking to the payout counter last month as he looked sure to open his account in handicap company before swerving away from the whip yards from the line and losing his jockey.
"The next minute I woke up and the car was swerving away from oncoming traffic.