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swerve away (from someone or something)

1. To turn or veer abruptly aside in order to avoid collision or interaction (with someone or something). I managed to swerve away from the oncoming truck at the last moment. The motorcyclist was bearing down on her but swerved away before hitting her. I swerved away from the bar when I noticed the creepy guy staring at me.
2. To avoid or evade (someone or something) by abruptly changing one's plans or intentions. We swerved away from the merger after we realized how badly it would impact our employees. I've really started swerving away from people who bring nothing but toxic negativity to the table.
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swerve into (from someone or something)

1. To collide with someone or something after turning or veering quickly, sharply, or abruptly to one side. I turned the corner and swerved into the principal, knocking her briefcase right out of his hands. The car lost control and swerved into a lamppost.
2. To enter into something after turning or veering quickly, sharply, or abruptly to one side. The truck swerved into my lane to avoid hitting the pedestrian on the road. I swerved into a side alley to avoid the police.
3. To become involved with or begin working in some different field, industry, area of expertise, etc., especially very suddenly or abruptly. I actually started out as a family photographer, but I swerved into doing headshots after getting into a conversation with a couple of actors at a party a couple years back. The heavy metal band started swerving into a more pop-rock sound in the early 2000s.
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swerve (away) (from someone or something)

to turn sharply away from someone or something. The car swerved away from Carla just in time. It swerved away just in time.

swerve into someone or something

to turn sharply and directly into someone or something. (Usually an accident.) The car almost swerved into a pedestrian. The bus swerved into a truck.
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The driver of the second truck, identified as Lu I-hao, 43, who appeared dazed and fatigued, admitted to police that while he was originally driving on the outside lane, he dozed off and his truck then swerved onto the shoulder before smashing into the parked vehicles.
She has asked us to point out that this was incorrect and that she did not say she had swerved out of her lane.
The victim, a Moroccan woman in her 20s, was sitting in the passenger seat of the rented vehicle being driven by the defendant, who was allegedly speeding when she lost control of the car and swerved onto a pavement.
A Micra, Fiesta and Transit van swerved to avoid the Almera but it hit the van which overturned and landed on top of the Micra.
'It had pace and swerved a lot, but the disappointing thing is that I got hands on it, and at this level I know that it should have been stopped.
A British European Airways Fokker27 turboprop aircraft en route from Belfast City Airport to Bristol Airport swerved off the runway upon landing on 6 December after its undercarriage collapsed.
Cromer says, "The word 'careened,' meaning swerved, weaved, or lurched, should be used instead of 'careered.'"
AS I made my way along the street I made like Peter Beardsley With the ball at his feet A swerve to the left past a wheely bin Then a quick step over a discarded tin Sold a dummy to a lady pushing a pram Then body swerved around a man who'd had a wee dram Shimmied to to the left to avoid a pizza carton I saw thrown down by a bloke Who looked like Joey Barton Then just as my goal was in sight I put my foot in a deposit left overnight I bet you thought I was going to use a rude word But I think it's OK to say "dog turd" I'm beginning to believe what I once was told The streets of Gosforth are paved with gold.
Bu Farousha said: "According to on-site inspections that were carried out by Prosecutor Hamad Al Ali, the accident happened after the 22-year-old driver swerved and hit a concrete barrier on Bypass Road.
The Jeep driver then swerved to avoid the back of the Audi but a Renault Megane was coming the other way.
A RETIRED couple died when their car swerved into the path of a lorry, an inquest heard yesterday.
Mr Box, who lived in Harrison Street, swerved to evade a Peugeot being driven in the opposite direction and careered into a wall.
"He swerved from the inside lane to the hard shoulder.
TWO MEN have told of an amazing escape when they swerved to avoid a falling tree as they travelling along a Coventry road in their van.
'The vehicle was nearing Mr Brown and deliberately swerved over the central line and hit him.