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swerve (away) (from someone or something)

to turn sharply away from someone or something. The car swerved away from Carla just in time. It swerved away just in time.

swerve into someone or something

to turn sharply and directly into someone or something. (Usually an accident.) The car almost swerved into a pedestrian. The bus swerved into a truck.
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We're pleased to give our contractor clients access to Swerve Fleet Training's expertise so that they take to the road with a safer fleet.
Swerve joins a long list of Xyleme SMB customers who leverage Xyleme LCMS to meet their growing needs.
I've had one driver swerve on to the kerb to escape a pothole - it can get very dangerous.
Consumers are keen to have access to the latest innovations in mobile gaming and we welcome the opportunity to work with ARM and Sinjisoft in using our Swerve technology to bring revolutionary mobile games to the exciting Korean market.
Before she started work on Swerve, she happened to read Sea; Drugs and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto by Chuck Klosterman, and became determined to match its smarts and humor in her own book.
Bred by Alan and Mavis Gutteridge, owners of Mumble Swerve, and trained by Linda Jones, the white and brindle - a carbon-copy of his sire - showed trackcraft that belied his tender age.
The driver had to swerve to avoid him and when the taxi did not stop, Ropke made a racial gesture to the driver.
Other drivers had to swerve out the way and we received many emergency calls.
Ultimately the nature of the swerve is affected by the initial orientation of the ball before it is kicked.
BEAUMONT Accountancy Nomads D stepped up their challenge for honours at the top of the Middlesbrough and District League's Division Two with an 8-2 victory over Swerve D.
Swerve is a UK registered trademark of Superscape Group plc.
Tyler invites her readers to swerve from the tried and true by veering into their destinies and becoming leaders in their destinies one-woman parades.
A SLEEPY driver forced motorists to swerve out of his way as he veered back and forth across one of the country's most dangerous roads.
Bolger put the winner's dramatic swerve down to a hurdle lying on the ground on the inside of the rail at the furlong marker.