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swell out

to bulge outward; to expand outward. The sides of the box swelled out because it was too full. The west wall of the garage swelled out just before the building collapsed.
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swell up

to enlarge; to inflate; to bulge out. I struck my thumb with a hammer and it swelled up something awful.
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swell with something

1. Lit. to expand from a particular cause. My knee joints swelled with arthritis, His nose swelled after it was struck by the door.
2. Fig. to seem to swell with a feeling such as pride. His chest swelled with pride at the thought of his good performance. Ted swelled with pride at the announcement.
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*swelled head

Fig. a state of being conceited. (Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) John got a swelled head after he won the prize. Don't get a swelled head from all this success.
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swelled head, have a

Be conceited, as in Winning all those prizes has not given her a swelled head, at least not yet. This idiom began as be swellheaded, first recorded in 1817. The present form dates from about 1860. For a synonym see big head.
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swell up

1. To become swollen: I put ice on my injured ankle so that it wouldn't swell up.
2. To become filled, as with pride, arrogance, or anger: The new parents swelled up with pride.
3. To rise or surge from an inner source: After I was fired unjustly, rage swelled up within me.
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mod. fine; excellent. (Also sarcastic use.) Where did you get that swell hat?
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The volume swells of the four AEM polymers remained intermediate and consistent throughout the extended aging period.
I) the extrudate swell region near the die exit and (II) the parison formation region, as shown in Fig.
Judged by an expert panel comprised of Swell editorial staffers, surf magazine luminaries and big-wave surfers not in contention, entries will be submitted in still photo and video formats.
As mentioned previously, when an absorbent polymer is placed in contact with a swelling agent, it will swell to an equilibrium value.
For example, sodium polyacrylate is a polyelectrolyte SAP and swells due to osmotic pressure effects.
When the researchers placed those flat structures into solution, one hydrogel layer began to swell, while the other kept its volume in check.
So when the parison drops, small variations in horizontal position caused by variations in die swell, parison swinging, or parison air pressure do not have as much effect on processing.
The primary swells are generated in the Southern Hemisphere and travel more than 5,000 miles to reach [Trestles]," says Collins.
MUMS-to-be are in for a very big surprise when they visit the new Swells Maternity Wear showroom at The Dairy Farm in Great Packington near Meriden.
First, the extrudate swells to its equilibrium dimensions at some imaginary distance and then it is stretched in an isotropic manner to the cross section imposed by the profile conveyer speed.
Sodium polyacrylate is a polyelectrolyte and swells due to osmotic pressure effects.
Last January, 31-year-old Peter Mel became one of just four surfers to master the massive swells some cresting at 50 feet and ripping at 40 miles per hour
Furthermore, thickness swells change strikingly with the Weissenberg number.
Friday's surf included breakers as high as 6 feet and sets up to 8 feet - and swells almost as high as the Venice Beach Fishing Pier - a rare sight.
A soft gel that shrinks and swells in response to changing sugar concentrations could provide a new way to deliver insulin to people with diabetes.