swell with

swell with something

1. Lit. to expand from a particular cause. My knee joints swelled with arthritis, His nose swelled after it was struck by the door.
2. Fig. to seem to swell with a feeling such as pride. His chest swelled with pride at the thought of his good performance. Ted swelled with pride at the announcement.
See also: swell
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There are two explanations for the changes in the extrudate swell with magnetic flux density:
The decrease in the extrudate swell with increasing die temperature was associated with reductions of the melt elasticity and melt viscosity (20, 33) and also the magnetic flux density (in turn decreasing the magnetic torque acting on the melt) (34).
Within days, her hand and arm began to swell with the fluids.
amp;uot;To meet this requirement, EPSON has provided Swell with the parts and information necessary to run PEG on each of their video controllers.