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Designed to be sweetly sexy, comfortable and cozy, aerie offers AE customers a new way to express their personal style everyday, from the dormroom to the coffee shop to the classroom.
The likes of Identity Thief and Just Like You are pumped up, while Moonlight (a reading on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata) is sweetly subtle and Little Ditty downright dainty.
Rail runner Horse who prefers to run next to inside rail Rank The behaviour of a hard-pulling horse who fights his rider Rate To travel sweetly off the pace conserving energy for later Receiving barn Structure where horses are isolated for a period of time before a race
And she flashes a sweetly smug smile as if to say, "So you sad, grubby lot watching at home on the off chance of seeing Billie Piper flashing her bits haven't got a cat in hell's chance of getting in.
Your sound/rounds my tongue/in waves/of mango moonlight;/your soft drops/fall hard/on glistening rock--/tapping sweetly,/tapping sweetly.
GWEN STEFANI smiled sweetly as she donned a sexy maid's apron and Pilsbury doughman-style chef's hat on the latest leg of her US tour.
Big Day'' examines the efforts of sweetly high-strung Alice (Marla Sokoloff) and goofy neo-slacker Danny (Josh Cooke) to survive their wedding day, which has been precision-planned to within an inch of its life by Alice's anal-retentive mother, Jane (Wendy Malick, using every weapon in her comic repertoire).
Tobi himself comes to terms with his sexuality over the course of the summer, particularly after a sweetly torrid dockside liaison with Leo (Marion Kittel).
Gillian Murphy, the first Sylvia, sweetly matched with a rapt Maxim Beloserkovsky as her Aminta, had the right Amazonian thrust to her dancing.
SUGAR producer Tate & Lyle yesterday said its year had started sweetly as it posted a 9.
Parading with awkward delicacy before us in a brilliant pageant of consumables are fish, squash, strawberries, oranges, and sheaves of wheat; peas in a pod float at the center of the sweetly anthropomorphic figure that anchors The Garden I, 2002; flowers, leaves, and stylized lawns dot many of the paintings; and then there's the jungle in The Garden IV, 2002, whose breathing is our very own.
Abayat is a self-styled godfather, who can be homicidal one moment and sweetly generous the next.
Gus Uhlenbeek got away down the right and drilled in a low cross that Cade finished sweetly from close range.
Havlin always had the John Gosden-trained filly travelling sweetly and sent her into the lead with a quarter of a mile to run.