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In Georgia, it wasn't athletics but questions about the connections between big donors and sweetheart contracts that helped open up University System of Georgia Foundation records.
From fast ferries to sweetheart contracts to friends to outright lying in more than one budget, they came close to destroying the B.C.
The scrapping of sweetheart contracts could lead to unrest at some of the country's biggest firms.
But to talk now of helping Washingtons poor as often summons memories of Barry's sweetheart contracts and employment programs that produced few jobs.
went to the Teamsters' corrupt International leadership of that era and conspired to write sweetheart contracts and shove them with undemocratic zest down the throats of the workers.
When we expand the definition of social welfare to include the billions siphoned off routinely in sweetheart contracts, pork-barrel projects, special tax breaks, and the like--not to mention Pentagon waste and the recent scandals in the banking and savings-and-loan industry and the Department of Housing and Urban Development--the magnitude of the fraud in this sensationalized case scarcely warrants a blurb in the B section.
Now is the time, says John Sisk of SEACC, to terminate the 50-year sweetheart contracts once and for all.
Commercial Carriers in return signed sweetheart contracts with Test Fleet Corp., a trucking company owned by Hoffa and a close associate.