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For The Sweetest Parties, teaming up with Prospect Genius has made it possible to take advantage of the latest high-tech strategies available in the area of search engine optimization.
In a golden coach There's a heart of gold Riding throughout London town With the sweetest Queen The world's ever seen Wearing a Golden crown.
Clearly autobiographical, Pollak's The Sweetest Dream presents all of this through the eyes of Miriam, a young recruit to Trotskyism in the 1930s.
Robbins saved the sweetest dance, full of promise and possibility, for last.
Whether Sweetest Revenge, who lines up in the ``Winning Post'' 20 Years In Racing Fillies' Handicap (4.
But even the biggest garlic lovers will admit that chopping and grating garlic doesn't exactly leave your fingers smelling their sweetest.
The sweetest sourpuss we know, Bill Maher has often used his HBO political joust-and-jest show Real Time With Bill Matter, which starts a new season February 18, to champion gay fights and same-sex marriage.
For all its obvious promise, Loefke's work needs such a foil--after all, even the sweetest fairy tales have villains.
Stella not only likes to eat raspberries, she also grows the best and sweetest raspberries in the county.
He and Tousley were the nicest, friendliest, most sincere, hardworking, and just the sweetest people I had ever known up to that point.
Students will be able to paint pictures of a "Morning Dove," portray the images of clouds in "Autumn Skies" or explore the beauty of the dream world in the nocturnal lullaby "The Sweetest of Dreams.
In Italy once I caused a car crash, that was the sweetest revenge.
But The Sweetest Thing insists on dragging out every gag until it snaps - from embarrassing stains on expensive dresses to a cringe inducing Fame-inspired musical parody.
In a world of inescapable stimulation, information and provocation, nuggets of respite -- the time to contemplate, the luxury of momentarily slowing down and absorbing; the chance to meditate or even simply to catch up to ones speedy existence -- are among the sweetest of life's gifts.
Germany continued to be the sweetest export country with a market share of 26%, followed by Britain, France and the US, with 12%, 8% and 7%, respectively.