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the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat

The last parts of something are the most enjoyable. Some of my terminally ill patients have said that they enjoy life more once they know that death is imminent. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat, I guess.
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*sweet as honey

 and sweeter than honey; sweet as sugar
very sweet; charming. (*Also: as ~.) Larry's words were sweeter than honey as he tried to convince Alice to forgive him. Jill: Is Mary Ann nice? Jane: Yes, indeed. She's as sweet as honey. Your little girl is darling! Just as sweet as sugar.
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The Fourth Quarter 2014 Social Weather Survey asked respondents: "How much do you believe or not believe in the saying that love is sweeter the second time around?
Although there is no objective way of quantifying sweetness, anecdotal evidence as well as consumer tests and brand research suggest consumers are favouring sweeter Cheddars over more traditional flavour profiles these days.
Paul Jones, strawberry buyer for Tesco, said: "The unexpected great weather means an abundance of top quality, sweeter than normal English strawberries - of the standard normally associated with Wimbledon fortnight".
Gram per gram, aspartame has the same amount of calories as sugar, but since it is 200 times sweeter only a tiny amount is needed.
Cweet is an extract of the African brazzeana fruit that is 1,000 times sweeter than sucrose by weight and has a taste profile very close to that of sucrose.
It is definitely sweeter than a grape tomato with a Brix level of nine to 11.
Riesling can come in two styles, one sweeter, one drier.
But Wayne Horvitz is willing to go halfway when he talks about his quartet, Sweeter Than the Day.
Heather Wilder, 13, wrote a series of books for kids going through the struggles she faced as a foster child, scoring her first prize in Dum Dum Pops' Make Life A Little Sweeter contest.
She moves toward him deliberate as prayer, but even/as our distance grows, I see she can barely//hold back, that only the crowd, this mass of bodies/and nerves keeps her from dropping her bag,//her cumbersome shoes, from running full tilt into those/arms she moans about, tossing like witchcraft,//her own arms wild open to embrace, this moment/of all things possible, this sweeter than any end.
The journey only became sweeter Saturday when the fourth-seeded Brahmas eliminated rival Citrus to punch their ticket for a third straight year.
HFCS is not sweeter than sugar, nor does it impact the body's calorie control mechanisms.
The Weanie Beanie is just 15 centimetres long and is said to be sweeter and less stringy than longer beans.
A sweetener, in particular saccharin, is 300 times sweeter than cane sugar, giving you a sweeter tooth.
The bagged salad section of your grocery store comes to the rescue: baby spinach is sweeter and milder tasting than fresh or frozen spinach.