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1. adjective, slang Excellent; especially remarkable or outstanding. I got this sweet new computer monitor for just $100 during the store's liquidation sale. He said he could get me a sweet deal on tickets to the football game.
2. adjective, slang Used to emphasize something of one's own, especially when it conflicts or is at odds with someone else. You sure took your sweet time getting here! It doesn't matter how much we argue with him, Tom will always do things his own sweet way.
3. interjection, slang Excellent; fantastic! A: "I just picked up that new video game!" B: "Sweet! Let's go play it!" Oh, sweet—my new headphones arrived in the mail!

sweeter than honey

Exceptionally sweet, friendly, or kindly. My grandmother, God rest her soul, was sweeter than honey, but boy could she tell some raunchy jokes! He may seem sweeter than honey right now, but he'll turn on you in an instant if you get in his way.
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the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat

proverb The last parts of something are the most enjoyable. Some of my terminally ill patients have said that they enjoy life more once they know that death is imminent. The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat, I guess.
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*sweet as honey

 and sweeter than honey; sweet as sugar
very sweet; charming. (*Also: as ~.) Larry's words were sweeter than honey as he tried to convince Alice to forgive him. Jill: Is Mary Ann nice? Jane: Yes, indeed. She's as sweet as honey. Your little girl is darling! Just as sweet as sugar.
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mod. good; profitable; excellent. I got involved in a sweet deal having to do with a better job.
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The normally bitter pilsener continues to outsell the specialty brands, but sweeter beers are claiming an ever-growing share of the market--almost a tenth at this point--and there are charges that the "pils" brands are getting sweeter too.
Since many breeders are focusing on these sweeter corns, gardeners can now choose from dozens of varieties.
It may be sweeter than champagne, but prosecco is still a dry wine with an intense aromatic and crisp flavour.
'Life is good but if we were to win the Scottish Cup it would make it even sweeter' four
Partly because they are also sweeter than sugar pound for pound, a number of artificial sweeteners have been on the U.S.
'We had suspected our newer varieties were sweeter and therefore more palatable than older varieties,' said Mr Titley.
Around for more than 20 years, pervasive aspartame is 160 to 220 times sweeter than sugar.
Much sweeter than crunchy nut cereal, made with corn, rice, wheat and hazelnuts with a yoghurty coating on the top.
Zony Mash, named after a single by New Orleans funksters The Meters made Upper Egypt and Live In Seattle before turning themselves into Sweeter Than The Day.
The old saying, "The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice," also applies to the fruits of publishing.
SPORTING are sweeter on the chance of French powerhouses Stade Francais lifting rugby's European Cup this season than rivals IG.
Which makes it all the sweeter for Busch that the first movie of his to get made is an adaptation of one of his plays.
And it's an even sweeter deal if your employer matches your contribution dollar for dollar.
Called monellin, the protein is 3,000 times sweeter than sugar and 15 times sweeter than aspartame.
Performed by Anderson and Rebecca Jung, Duet misses the presence of Jude Woodcock, who gave it a subtly punklike, disingenuous quality; the new version is more sisterly and sweeter. But the dance, set to Norwegian medieval vocal music that sounds distinctly Asian and wholly ethereal, remains a marvel of imaginative collaboration, as the two women seem to sink their roots into the ground while wahing up toward celestial space, like Sufis gone mountaineering.