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sweet talk

1. noun Speech intended to flatter or cajole someone. You're wasting your breath—all the sweet talk in the world won't get me to change my mind. Our kids always tries to get round us with sweet talk when we're mad at them.
2. verb To speak in a way that is intended to flatter or cajole someone. Often hyphenated. I can't believe I let him sweet talk me into lending him my car for the weekend. Remember the reasons why you're quitting—don't let them sweet-talk you into staying!
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sweet-talk someone

Rur. to talk convincingly to someone with much flattery. I didn't want to help her, but she sweet-talked me into it. He sweet-talked her for a while, and she finally agreed to go to the dance with him.
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Irrepressible Dee Dee Bridgewater (Walter)--a sort of Unsinkable Molly Brown for the 21st century--is caught going 39 mph in a 35 mph zone without a license but sweet-talks her way out of a ticket.
Robbie sweet-talks Fearne; Star embraces pal Becks; Rob goes down a storm at Hyde Park; Picture: M.J.
I respect people and they have to respect meEric Canton a sweet-talks the viewers of MUTVWhether I'm playing for Wrexham or Brazil, I will put the same performance in week in, week outRio's finest, Robbie SavageIt was a big step for Joey at Portsmouth because he has shown a maturity that he hasn't always done.
At the beginning of the week it looks like he's at least managed to avoid babysitting duties as Sam sweet-talks Minty into taking her and son Richard in, before telling Ricky that she still loves him.
As the strung-out Paul, who still hasn't finished his script, argues with his English producer, sweet-talks his London g.f.
Barbara Stanwyck sweet-talks Fred MacMurray into a devious scheme to murder her husband.