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sweet talk

1. noun Speech intended to flatter or cajole someone. You're wasting your breath—all the sweet talk in the world won't get me to change my mind. Our kids always tries to get round us with sweet talk when we're mad at them.
2. verb To speak in a way that is intended to flatter or cajole someone. Often hyphenated. I can't believe I let him sweet talk me into lending him my car for the weekend. Remember the reasons why you're quitting—don't let them sweet-talk you into staying!
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sweet-talk someone

Rur. to talk convincingly to someone with much flattery. I didn't want to help her, but she sweet-talked me into it. He sweet-talked her for a while, and she finally agreed to go to the dance with him.
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The adviser constantly sweet-talked the wife and told her to enjoy her life because her husband's stay behind bars would last long due to the number of cases lodged against him.
According to Ricardo Diaz, a top Intelligence Service official, suspects Atilano and Ricky Mirasol, as well as Jesus Napolis, sweet-talked Elizabeth Hadley in December last year into buying a package for 600,000 pesos (Dh45,301) on the basis of a photograph and video .
Just remember, if you bump into him again, don't allow yourself to be sweet-talked into bed with him again.
As school head of care, he sweet-talked them into his flat before molesting and abusing them.
He says he "sweet-talked" the bank manager into backing him and set up shop on his dining room table.
The High Court in Glasgow heard that McCormick sweet-talked the Fife third-year schoolgirl for nine weeks before luring her to a hotel for sex, knowing she had become 14 just five days before they met.
SHE wants to be sweet-talked and given presents - and will nag you if you don't pay her enough attention.
Earlier on, she'd sweet-talked a traffic cop into letting her and boyfriend Jack White off after they skipped a red light.
Nice though that he sweet-talked us about our sweets, although we could not satisfy Tam's craving for custard.
Liddell, nicknamed Scotland's Iron Lady, sweet-talked Brussels officials and secured the future of the cult biscuits by force-feeding them the popular jam-centred snacks.
AMERICAN Erika Lee has sweet-talked her way into owning a pub.
He sweet-talked her into a series of sexy surf shots on a jetski and motor launch.