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sweet-talk someone

Rur. to talk convincingly to someone with much flattery. I didn't want to help her, but she sweet-talked me into it. He sweet-talked her for a while, and she finally agreed to go to the dance with him.
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Most people reading the above mentioned writer's books just practice the sweet-talk portions of his books.
Deaver also includes one of his own stories in the collection, "The Weekender," a well-crafted story about a robbery gone wrong, and how the robbers' hostage, a salesman, tries to sweet-talk his way out of the situation.
At first Even-Hamo tried to sweet-talk his way out of the ticket.
Ricky Alvarez (Alex D'Lerma) & Jojo Cruz (Vince Lozano) hijack cars, sweet-talk women, have hearts of gold and quote "The Godfather" left and right.
And there is no way to sweet-talk them to give up the claim.
Sloan Dupont (48) attempted to sweet-talk executives in a London branch of the US-based Chase Manhattan Bank into opening an account for what turned out to be a bogus pounds 6 million cheque.
With overwhelming evidence against her, can Gerry really sweet-talk the jury into believing that Shona simply forgot to divorce any of her three 'husbands - or is she heading for a jail sentence?
He has l can sweet-talk the Quee "He'll get us in for tea crumpets at Buckingham time for the Royal wedd ti f th R l dd y Erm, security.
Elsewhere, Archie tries to sweet-talk the judge presiding over his case.
It is allergic to manipulative agendas that seek to sweet-talk it or frighten it into church membership.
A little more sweet-talk this week and maybe we would have had a nice summer political marriage to celebrate.
We see Melvin sweet-talk female acquaintances into doing nude scenes, film real firemen when they show up to douse a car set ablaze for the production (without a permit, of course) and physically threaten an editor to stay on the job when funds ran out during post-production.
Ideally cast as a sociopathic petty thief, Colin Farrell plays Lehiff, whose MO is to sweet-talk cashiers before smacking them up and grabbing their cash.
And the World Cup star is hoping he can sweet-talk old pal Luca Vialli into offering a two-year deal at Chelsea.
To be frank, the reason you get all this attention, as you call it, is because they know they can sweet-talk you into having sex.