sweep up after

sweep up after (someone or something)

1. To clean up dirt, debris, or some other mess left on the ground by someone by or as by sweeping. I feel like I'm constantly sweeping up after my kids whenever they eat a meal. I swear, more of their food ends up on the floor than in their mouths! Don't worry about making a mess. The cleaners will sweep up after us.
2. To clean up (something or some place) after some event by or as by sweeping. Our scout troop always volunteers to sweep up after the 4th of July parade each year. Please make sure you sweep up after your experiment is done.
3. To hide, resolve, or dispose of something that someone has done, especially when it is negligent, illicit, or illegal. The personal assistant felt like most of his time was spent sweeping up after his boss's foolish indiscretions. How long are you going to keep sweeping up after her, Tom, before she lands the both of you in jail? The new CEO vowed to sweep up after the mistakes of his predecessor.
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sweep up after someone

to clean up the dirt left on the floor by someone. Do you mind sweeping up after the kids? I had to sweep up after your party and I am not happy about it!
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