sweep away

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sweep away

1. Literally, to brush, push, or carry someone or something away. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sweep" and "away." The giant wave swept the entire road away. The hurricane's winds were so strong that they swept away entire buildings. He swept the papers away in anger.
2. To eliminate or dispose of someone or something quickly and decisively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sweep" and "away." The returning champions have so far swept away every competitor with ease. The fracture in my leg swept my dreams of competing in the Olympics away in an instant.
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swept away

Awed or overwhelmed, typically in a positive way. We were simply swept away by the spectacle of the Grand Canyon, and ended up staying at the park much longer than we had planned.
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sweep someone or something away

to dispose of someone or something by pushing or brushing away. The waves nearly swept us away. The waves caused by the storm swept away all the debris on the beach.
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sweep away

1. To cause someone or something to be carried away by or as if by a current: The storm swept away the dock. The tornado swept the barn away. I was so swept away by the music that I forgot where I was for a moment.
2. To eliminate something all at once: The accident swept away all my dreams. When the school rejected my admissions application, I felt like they had swept all my hard work away in a matter of seconds.
See also: away, sweep
References in classic literature ?
Almost enough to save," he remarked regretfully as he allowed the water to sweep them away.
I AM a believer in the traditions of our country, which would never have survived into the second half of the 20th century had they not been good traditions, strong enough to withstand the battering and close examination by those who would sweep them away.
PLUCKED TO SAFETY Rescuers save the stricken four in the nick of time as the waters threaten to sweep them away SCARE Clinging to the roof, these people await rescue after being swept downstream by the storm-swollen river
Arif Alvi complimented the courageous resolve of the PTI leadership and workers and assured them that the days of the incumbent usurpers are numbered and, soon, the winds of change would sweep them away.
The work of professional photographer Hallam Ashley, these images are a record of traditional crafts and industries, caught as modernization was about to sweep them away.
Or the state WILL take control and sweep them away.
We urge the federal courts to sweep them away, putting wine sales here on a more competitive, consumer-friendly path.