sweep over

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sweep over (someone or something)

1. Of a liquid or gas, to move over and cover someone or something with great speed and force. A frigid wind swept over us as we neared the summit of the mountain. Floodwaters swept over the small town, with a few survivors stranded on the tops of its tallest buildings.
2. Of a feeling or emotion, to enshroud or overwhelm someone or something very quickly or suddenly. A feeling of existential dread swept over me as I thought about the consequences of my decision. Fear and paranoia swept over the country following the government's declaration.
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sweep over someone

1. Lit. to pass over and cover someone. The waves swept over us and nearly drowned us. The flood swept over the farmers who would not leave their homes.
2. Fig. [for something] to overwhelm someone. A wave of nausea swept over me and I guess I slumped to the floor. The need for fresh air swept over all of us trapped in that room.
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