sweep back

sweep something back

to push or move something backward in the shape of a curve. He took the brush and swept his hair back in a huge wave. She swept back her hair in a striking arrangement.
See also: back, sweep
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The craft is moving away from Jupiter on a large arc just now but will sweep back in next month, enabling its "JunoCam" to take close-up images.
The cover fits over the folded hood and features a pair of raised domes that sweep back from the two headrests/rollover bars to provide a distinctive look reminiscent of many classic sports cars.
Vermont Democrats returned in triumph to the Statehouse following their sweep back to power in the House following the November election, which also strengthened their majority in the Senate.
Stardust is due to sweep back past the Earth in January 2006 and jettison a canister containing the particles, allowing it to fall to the ground in Utah.
The Air Force's F-111 fighter-bombers and the Navy's F-14 fighter both were designed with wings that can swing out for low speeds and sweep back for high speeds.
McLean will sweep back into power at Tannadice at an EGM on Tuesday but Beattie Media have decided they don't want to be there to see it.
Spray a little hairspray to palms and sweep back for a smooth look.
Sweep back hair into a high ponytail, smoothing with a touch of serum.
com Gently sweep back the top section and secure loosely with grips and hairspray.