sweep/brush something under the carpet

sweep (something) under the carpet

To ignore, deny, or conceal from public view or knowledge something that is embarrassing, unappealing, or damaging to one's reputation. The senator has been accused of trying to sweep his former drug use under the carpet. You need to stop sweeping your problems under the carpet. Nothing will get resolved like that!
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sweep something under the carpet

COMMON If you sweep a problem under the carpet, you try to hide it and forget about it. People often hope that if they sweep something under the carpet the problem will go away, but that is not the case. Note: Verbs such as brush and push are sometimes used instead of sweep. The problem has been brushed under the carpet for decades. Note: The usual American expression is sweep something under the rug.
See also: carpet, something, sweep

sweep something under the carpet

hide or ignore a problem or difficulty in the hope that it will be forgotten.
1996 Iain Pears Death & Restoration Many others would merely have swept all our problems under the carpet, and left them until they became too difficult to solve.
See also: carpet, something, sweep

sweep/brush something under the ˈcarpet

(American English also sweep something under the ˈrug) (informal) hide something which might cause trouble, or which you do not want other people to know: No matter how unwelcome the results of the enquiry may be, they must not be swept under the carpet.