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Intermedium's insured sweep technology provides a comprehensive, turnkey solution for brokers, banks, and institutional money managers.
In Section 2 we review some related recent work on sweep surfaces.
"It has taken a while to get all of the pieces in place, but I now have a fully equipped sweep van, full public liability insurance and am able to completely focus on the job.
Sweep won his first competition last August and has since amassed a huge haul of trophies, ribbons and accolades.
"Unfortunately, the chimney sweep in this incident was not registered or approved."
The sweep must comply with the applicable NFPA 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances.
Membership of NACS or the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps will show customers you are a competent chimney sweep, working to a strict code of practice and conduct.
"Spring and summer are actually the best time to sweep," says Dawn.
To estimate the proportional change in catch due to the sweep modifications, the difference between the natural logarithms of the catch weights from modified and unmodified trawls (LogDif) was calculated for each species from each twin-trawl haul:
As well as being an essential part of society a chimney sweep was often most welcome at a wedding as they offered the promise of good fortune for the couple.
Sweep switches work well in office buildings, tenant buildings, owner-occupied buildings, and warehouses.
The two players not playing a stone will be available to sweep the stone as directed by the skip.
COOS BAY - Seven registered sex offenders in Coos County were arrested by Oregon State Police detectives in a sweep for noncompliance with registration requirements.
To clean a chimney, the chimney sweep inserts a suitable brush and pushes it through the length of the chimney using extendible rods until all soot and debris is removed.