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It has taken a while to get all of the pieces in place, but I now have a fully equipped sweep van, full public liability insurance and am able to completely focus on the job.
After Sweep was named on the Scotland team, Euan emailed the shepherd to tell him.
A sweep also checks the readily accessible structure and flue portions of the chimney, verifying that the flue is not blocked or significantly restricted.
Spring and summer are actually the best time to sweep," says Dawn.
ESSENTIAL WORK: Sweep Phillip Bowden in the West End CLEAN SWEEP: Joe Bilton was well established LUCKY DAY: Double luck for the bride, Mrs Maureen Saunders, is presented with a lucky black cat by a chimney sweep outside St Martin-in-the-Fields church
Is it better to sweep faster, or to press down into the ice with more force?
In addition, a chimney sweep will have practical skills to use a range of appropriate hand tools and equipment and be able to work at heights and climb ladders when required, while being conscious of health and safety and careful to keep to regulations at all times.
Jo trained to be a sweep after moving to Wales in 2005 to run the farm.
The results indicate that, based on a 12-foot log length scale, hardwood logs with average sweep greater than 1.
By adding the MBF310 Sweep Sensor with Cogent Systems software, the JumpDrive TouchGuard replaces awkward passwords with the convenience of a finger swipe, to control access to data stored on the JumpDrive TouchGuard.
At a Cleveland Browns clinic in 1950, I was taught the original Buck Sweep Series by Paul Brown, who had his QB, Otto Graham, run a bootleg off it.
The effect of magnetic hysteresis on the measured critical current of high temperature superconductors is a very important consideration for every measurement procedure that involves more than one sweep of magnetic field, changes in field angle, or changes in temperature at a given field.
At the urging of the Young Lawyers Division, The Florida Bar Board of Governors has endorsed again The Florida Bar Foundation's sweep account initiative for its IOTA program.
Operation Clean Sweep Curbing Street-Level Drug Trafficking