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"There are ways of dealing with excessive sweating but there are associated risks."
Sweating is a form of detox: The body is always trying to keep toxins out and works to expel them when they find their way in.
Pieretti, executive director of IHhS, notes, "Excessive sweating is a dermatological disorder that can cause an otherwise healthy person to produce up to five times more sweat than is normal or necessary.
Your GP may conduct blood and urine tests to see if there are any underlying causes for the sweating. They may refer you to counselling services, or prescribe medication if the condition is affecting your mental wellbeing.
There is quite a negative stigma when it comes to sweating and it is important to remember that sweating is a completely natural process.
You're spending a significant amount of time coping with sweating - for example, frequently showering.
If any of the following are happening to you regularly, according to NHS Choices, you may have hyperhidrosis: You avoid physical Dr Auld contact, such as shaking hands, because you feel self-conscious about your sweating.
The sweating experience causes a state of deep muscle relaxation and meditative attentiveness.
Sweat Stimulation.--The stimulation of localized sweating is induced by iontophoresis of pilocarpine.
While excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, isn't medically dangerous, it can cause significant emotional and psychological distress to the person affected.
Samuel Lam, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, and owner of Lam Facial Plastics, is pleased to announce that he is one of the first physicians in the United States to offer the revolutionary new miraDry procedure to treat excessive underarm sweating. The procedure utilizes electromagnetic energy, precisely delivered to the area under the arm where the sweat glands reside, to eliminate the glands and reduce or eliminate the incidence of underarm sweat.
(1) Consequently, oral medications to decrease sweating target peripheral or CNS neurons.
Herbal route to reduce sweating Rule out any medical conditions or side-effects from drugs you are taking.
When excessive sweating affects the hands, feet and armpits, it's called primary or focal hyperhidrosis.
- Elizabeth Slade, South London SWEATING is the body's way of cooling us down and keeping us at our normal temperature of around 37C (98.6F).