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(Bill) Cosby sweater

The kind of boldly patterned sweater that Bill Cosby was known for wearing on The Cosby Show. Why are you wearing that hideous Cosby sweater? Take that off before my friends get here! Just because you're a dad now doesn't mean you have to wear Bill Cosby sweaters to every holiday party. I don't care how nice you say he is—that awful Cosby sweater he's wearing definitely makes him less cute.
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sweater up

To put on a thick, warm sweater. I knew it was going to be cold out, so I sweatered up before leaving the house. The best part about winter is getting sweatered up in front of a movie with a big bowl of popcorn.
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Exlura's Off Shoulder Oversized Sweater is great for daily casual outfits, especially this season.
This is the second year Alaska Airlines and its employees have embraced National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, hoping to bring joy to travelers during the busy holiday travel season.
Whether you like traditional ugly sweater themes like gingerbread men, reindeer and penguins, or ones themed after Star Wars and other characters, the store has you covered.
Rever DB white coat PS88, grey crew neck sweater PSsoft belted check peg leg trousers PS35, earrings (set three pairs) PS20
SWABI -- Second-hand sweaters, shoes and various other items are a great blessing for the poverty-stricken people to keep themselves warm in winter because they could not afford high prices of the new garments.
colour dupatta, black sweater and black joggers and black socks.
According to details, all ward boys would wear cream off-white shalwar kameez with black waist coat, black sweater, black joggers and black socks.
In celebration of National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, Alaska Airlines guests who wear their festive holiday sweaters to the airport are able to board early, the company said.
The bust measurement, C, is the actual finished width of the sweater at the bust.
Camel coat PS229, camel sweater PS64.95, cream wool and cashmere sweater PS54.95, flared texture weave wool skirt PS64.95, red bag PS109, all Massimo Dutti, massimodutti.com For cool casual lounging clothes and smart gym gear, Oysho won't break the bank.
High-neck sweater with appliques PS29.99, boyfriend jeans with rolled-up hems PS29.99, velvet boots PS29.99, basic beret PS12.99, all pullandbear.com For on-trend looks at bargain prices, hit up Bershka's puff-sleeve blouse PS19.99, Ponte di roma trousers with belt PS17.99, bershka.com COVER PICTURE: Left oversized Kurt Cobain sweater PS29.99, wide leg trousers PS19.99; Right, grey jumper PS24.99, baker boy hat PS12.99, also Bershka IloalufutrLobidrrubim If you are looking for affordable luxury that is fun not fussy try Bimba Y Lola.
I buy lots (and lots!) of fabric online, but sweater knits are difficult: There are so many variables with regard to texture, weight, weave, sheen, etc.
A turtleneck sweater also comes in a similar design.
This led me to create "metal" samples using a felted sweater in place of the other more costly items.
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