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"We took a 15-foot rope, attached all our dirty sweat socks from the 300-mile march, and proceeded to walk around the Capitol Building and give the legislative stinkers a whiff," said the 57-year-old Biffle.
Sun says the first generation of antibacterial sweat socks should be on the market in time to go "back to school" and make next fall's gym bags sweetersmelling places.
Innovative techniques in clothing manufacture offer garments that actively keep you safe and comfortable: jackets that grow warmer when the temperature drops, sweat socks that resist bacteria and odors, and T-shirts that ward off ultraviolet rays and might one day kill mosquitoes on contact.
Anyone who came of age in the '80s in New York will have a sensation of deja vu on encountering Dennis's one-room "grunge palace," created onstage with such loving detail you can almost smell the stale pizza and sweat socks.
And choose materials (the stuff you need to do your experiment) you can afford (e.g., sweat socks, not snowmobiles).
Not so much in products: We're solicited on a regular basis to slap our name on everything from health clubs to sporting equipment, but I don't see ESPN sunglasses or sweat socks as a logical business.