sweat for

sweat for (something)

1. To work very hard at or expend a great deal of effort for some task, endeavor, or purpose. She makes it look effortless on stage, but people who know her personally can attest that she sweats for her art every single day. I've been sweating for this company for nearly 40 years, and all they do when I retire is buy me a crappy cake? Some people are content to sponge off of others, but I've always sweated for everything I've earned.
2. To be extremely nervous or fearful of losing something. I know a lot of people are sweating for their jobs after the most recent earnings report. The prisoners sweated for their lives as they awaited the verdict.
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sweat for something

Fig. to work very hard for something. I sweat for every dollar I bring in. Ted really sweats for his salary.
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