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In his monologue entitled Class Clown, Carlin (1972) states that there are seven words categorized as swear words.
With technology at our fingertips, I think that today's generation will hear swear words whether we like it or not.
Stephens to further investigate whether the power of swearing could be emulated by a new 'socially acceptable' swear word.
The ward reps accused County Speaker Joseph Kaberia of provocation when he said the highlight of the House business was to swear in Kenya Patriots Party (KPP) nominee Secondina Kanini.
He also used the platform to slam political opponent Sam Rainsy who he said had lost their latest war of words by failing to swear on his life over accusations that the July 29 national election turnout figures were inflated.
When asked if outbursts like that were something he would like to keep under control, he replied to the journalist: "Do you swear? No, do you swear?
"I swear by God to respect the constitution, the laws of the Egyptian state, and preserve the independence of the nation and the safety of its lands," read the text of the formal oath taken by King Farouk.
By WINNIE ATIENObrA group of youth in Mombasa want Nasa leader Raila Odinga to appoint Governor Hassan Joho as his deputy.On Friday, they took to the streets, demanding to swear in the governor as Mr Odinga's deputy.
Small wonder that when Bill missed a highway exit, or Davey felt swamped with homework, or Lily saw a centipede, or I dropped my iPhone on my face (true story), managing not to swear proved a hollow victory.
The President's propensity to swear and curse can be harnessed to good use if it is directed at fitting targets.
I've always felt that since swearing is a form of "alternate language" that we don't use very often, and even if we do it's in the form of a word or two, it kind of explains why if someone is asked to suddenly stand up and swear at length he might stutter or stammer his way through after making a somewhat brisk start.
And the swear words are getting worse, where now the "F" word is almost compulsory and even the "C" word is pretty much deemed acceptable.
Although it's not clear why some words have more physical power than others, researchers suggest it has to do with the ( high level of emotion tied to swear words .
Psychologists conducted tests in which volunteers had to swear before intense sessions on an exercise bike, or squeezing a device that measures hand grip strength.
I don't swear. For the majority of readers that is understandably difficult to fathom but I can honestly count the number of times I have cussed on one hand.