sway to

sway someone to something

to convince someone to do something. I think I can sway her to join our side. We could not sway Ted to our position.
See also: sway
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As part of the spin-off, Starwood Property Trust expects to contribute $100 million in cash to the anticipated unlevered balance sheet of SWAY to fund its growth and operations.
In the clinic we often look at quiet stance in our patients, and consider sway characteristics, judging someone with increased sway to have poor balance.
At the beginning of each lecture, the R&B sounds of the song "Acts of Faith, Surrender All" plays leading the body to sway to the soothing beat and the smooth sounds of the singers.
The financing allows Sway to enable its growing list of Shoutlet clients to achieve even greater success through managing and coordinating all of their social media communications.
0 platforms, is used by Sway to distribute campaigns for leading companies including eBay, Sara Lee, and Remington.