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cut a swath through (something)

To cause a lot of damage or suffering in a specific area or population. It seems that the high winds cut a swath through our neighborhood last night, blowing down trees and power lines on nearly every street. Severe malnourishment has certainly cut a swath through this part of the globe.
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swathe (someone or something) in (something)

To wrap, bind, or drape someone or something in something. Often used in passive constructions. I swathed her ankle in bandaging to keep it from swelling up. Statues around the city have all been swathed in black sheets as a form of protest by activists. The room is swathed in calming shades of blue and green to help put patients at ease.
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swathe someone or something in something

to wrap or drape someone or something in something. Molly swathed her children in sheets to turn them into ghosts on Halloween. She swathed the statue in black velvet for the unveiling ceremony.
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swathe someone or something with something

to wrap or drape someone or something with something. The sculptor swathed his unfinished pieces with heavy drapes. The designer swathed the window with billows of taffeta.
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cut a swathe through

pass through something causing great damage, destruction, or change.
A swathe was the area cut by a single sweep of a mower's scythe, and so the width of a strip of grass or corn cut in this way.
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cut a ˈswathe through something

(of a person, fire, etc.) pass through a particular area destroying a large part of it: The new road cut a swathe through the countryside.
A swathe was the area of grass, etc. cut by one movement of a scythe (= a curved tool used for cutting grass).

swathe in

To wrap or bind with or as if with some bandages: The doctor swathed the patient's arm in gauze.
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The merging function outperforms all other 'mergers' on any self-propelled rotary swather.
A lot of people wouldn't know how to use the binder to cut grain and make bundles before the self-propelled swather came in.
In 1968 the SP400 self-propelled swather with hydrostatic drive was introduced followed two years later by the SP5000 hydrostatic combine.
The swather was pretty complicated, he remembers, with a wheel to drive it, a belt turning the canvas around, nails in the wheel as cleats to make it turn, and two blades underneath that piled up dirt and made it look like a swath after the toy swather had passed.
In order to get a working engine, he finally turned to a Model 34 Massey Ferguson self-propelled swather.
When John Janzen of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, was 12 years old, he built a little swather out of wood.
13), were quickly rendered obsolete in Canada by the introduction of ox- or horse-drawn swathers and balers.
With mobile viners, the crop is cut and swathed into windrows, threshed out by the mobile viners following swathers.
And, the GC sub-compact tractors were redesigned for 2005 along with Massey Ferguson's 9000 combines and new hay equipment line of self-propelled swathers.
That means 90 per cent of the swathers they designed and built were for other well-known farm equipment retailers like Massey and New Holland.
The auction included 83 quarter sections of land (one quarter section is 160 acres) and all the equipment needed to farm it, including tractors, combines and headers, swathers, trucks, trailers, grain handling and heavy duty equipment.
Rectangular balers, forage harvesters, grinder mixers, manure spreaders, mower conditioners, windrowers and swathers, field cultivators, chisel plows and disk harrows show negative sales for 2000 ranging from 0.
Swathers replaced binders and the stooking operation was no more.