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cut a swath through (something)

To cause a lot of damage or suffering in a specific area or population. It seems that the high winds cut a swath through our neighborhood last night, blowing down trees and power lines on nearly every street. Severe malnourishment has certainly cut a swath through this part of the globe.
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swathe someone or something in something

to wrap or drape someone or something in something. Molly swathed her children in sheets to turn them into ghosts on Halloween. She swathed the statue in black velvet for the unveiling ceremony.
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swathe someone or something with something

to wrap or drape someone or something with something. The sculptor swathed his unfinished pieces with heavy drapes. The designer swathed the window with billows of taffeta.
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cut a swathe through

pass through something causing great damage, destruction, or change.
A swathe was the area cut by a single sweep of a mower's scythe, and so the width of a strip of grass or corn cut in this way.
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cut a ˈswathe through something

(of a person, fire, etc.) pass through a particular area destroying a large part of it: The new road cut a swathe through the countryside.
A swathe was the area of grass, etc. cut by one movement of a scythe (= a curved tool used for cutting grass).

swathe in

To wrap or bind with or as if with some bandages: The doctor swathed the patient's arm in gauze.
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A large swathe of central Britain was warned to be ready for snow as a cold snap brings freezing temperatures in the leadup to the New Year.
Available in a diverse range of colors, textures, and shapes, the Yunes Swathe handbag collection promises to deliver pieces that will last from season to season.
The Met Office said last night: "A swathe of strong winds is expected to develop across North East England through the early hours of Friday.
Villagers in Glenelg and Poolewe watched as flames spread across swathes of nearby hillsides.
This requirement is for Swathe Cutting and Visibility Splays within the Enterprise & Environment Directorate of the Kent County Council.
There is a Strategic Search Area for wind turbines designated in North Wales, which will cut swathes through the lovely Clocaenog Forest and will also probably require a major pylon connection across the lovely Vale of Clwyd or the north Denbigh moors; and one in beautiful, unspoilt Ceredigion.
That is the sorry situation of genuine fans deprived of tickets to see their team because large swathes of seats are taken up by people with no attachment to either club involved in the match.
SWATHES of countryside in the West Midlands are coming under increasing threat from developers, campaigners claim.
A controversial plan to introduce road user charges for a huge swathe of southern England should be the subject of a feasibility study before any Government decision is made, a planning body said yesterday.
They could also swathe the judges of Liverpool Vision.
had signed an exploration and production-sharing agreement with Suriname for a huge swathe of offshore acreage in August 1999.
Hence, these three plants fit together well geographically, covering a large swathe of the city and the surrounding Moscow Region.
The Yunes Swathe and Navegante collaboration attracted the likes of Entrepreneur and recording artist Prince Malik who also made a guest appearance in the video, Drip Magazine contributor David Whitely, Audrey of Audrey Allure and William Daniels of Bug Music.
THE CBI today launched a swathe of proposals aimed at boosting confidence in UK companies in the wake of high profile corporate scandals such as Enron.
HORSES look for a path to safety in floodwater unleashed over a huge swathe of Florida by Hurricane Irene.