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cut a swath through (something)

To cause a lot of damage or suffering in a specific area or population. It seems that the high winds cut a swath through our neighborhood last night, blowing down trees and power lines on nearly every street. Severe malnourishment has certainly cut a swath through this part of the globe.
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swathe (someone or something) in (something)

To wrap, bind, or drape someone or something in something. Often used in passive constructions. I swathed her ankle in bandaging to keep it from swelling up. Statues around the city have all been swathed in black sheets as a form of protest by activists. The room is swathed in calming shades of blue and green to help put patients at ease.
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swathe someone or something in something

to wrap or drape someone or something in something. Molly swathed her children in sheets to turn them into ghosts on Halloween. She swathed the statue in black velvet for the unveiling ceremony.
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swathe someone or something with something

to wrap or drape someone or something with something. The sculptor swathed his unfinished pieces with heavy drapes. The designer swathed the window with billows of taffeta.
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cut a swathe through

pass through something causing great damage, destruction, or change.
A swathe was the area cut by a single sweep of a mower's scythe, and so the width of a strip of grass or corn cut in this way.
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cut a ˈswathe through something

(of a person, fire, etc.) pass through a particular area destroying a large part of it: The new road cut a swathe through the countryside.
A swathe was the area of grass, etc. cut by one movement of a scythe (= a curved tool used for cutting grass).

swathe in

To wrap or bind with or as if with some bandages: The doctor swathed the patient's arm in gauze.
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Take a chilled coupe or martini glass and flame all but one of the peel swathes by holding a match between the glass and the peel and squeezing the peel so the orange oils are directed towards the flame and the glass.
The rules cut out a swathe of people wishing to come back and make a contribution
True to the expression of the brand, the Yunes Swathe woman is effortlessly chic and confident and is subtly sophisticated.
A large swathe of central Britain was warned to be ready for snow as a cold snap brings freezing temperatures in the leadup to the New Year.
Villagers in Glenelg and Poolewe watched as flames spread across swathes of nearby hillsides.
Hailing from the city where dreams come true, Yunes Swathe and Navegante make the collaboration even more meaningful as a representation of following your dreams and aspirations, something the New York Collection represents according to Senior Designer Ingrid H.
The 12th Duke of Devonshire, Peregrine Andrew Mornington Cavendish, owns 32km of the River Blackwater and a swathe of Youghal Harbour in Co Cork.
The torrential rain has caused damage to crops and grass across a huge swathe of western, central and southern England.
Angry anti wind farm campaigners last night hit out at a study which concluded that a swathe of Northumberland moorland is capable of accommodating two of the controversial projects.
So, from next year's FA Cup Final, just like in the old days, a nice, fat swathe of prime space will be taken up by, at best, half-interested neutrals and, at worst, hoorays henries.
In late 2000, the Greater Istanbul Municipality ran a national one-phase competition for the redevelopment of a two-kilometre swathe of land linking Kadikoy, Haydarpasa and Harem (to the north), with the aim of reinstating Kadikoy square as the main transportation hub, and reviving its historical and cultural identity.
This central Asian range boasts more than 170 glaciers that together swathe about 436 square kilometers.
New Zealand fast bowler Shane Bond did the real damage, cutting a swathe through Australia's batting line-up to capture five for 23 as the tourists ( beaten by England in each of their previous three one-day outings ( collapsed to 148 all out.
The M6 Toll has recently cut a huge swathe through our green belt and development pressure attached to the road is a major threat.
The existing swathe of parkland will be remodelled as a series of landscaped courts providing spaces for play, recreation and reflection.