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swarm (all) over someone or something

to gather and move all about on someone or throughout something or some place. The ants swarmed all over our picnic table. The children swarmed over the furniture.
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swarm around someone or something

to gather or crowd around someone or something, in the manner of a swarm of bees. The little children swarmed around the lady with the candy. The bees swarmed around the flowers.
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swarm in(to something)

[for a throng] to crowd into something or some place. People were swarming into the auditorium to hear the guitarist. They swarmed in and ran for the best seats.
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swarm out of something

to move out of something in great numbers. The bees swarmed out of the hive. People swarmed out of the park at the end of the game.
See also: of, out, swarm

swarm through something

to gather in a crowd and move through something or some place. The shoppers swarmed through the store, buying everything in sight. The locusts swarmed through the field, eating the entire harvest.
See also: swarm, through

swarm with someone or something

to be abundant or crowded with moving people or things. The playground was swarming with children, and I couldn't find my own. The picnic blanket swarmed with ants.
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swarm with

To be full of some things or some people; abound or teem with some things or some people: The rotten log swarmed with insects. The courtroom is swarming with reporters.
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The point at issue in Kearry v Pattinson (1939 1AER) was as to the ownership of a swarm of bees which had, in the ordinary course of nature, swarmed from Mr Kearry's hive on a summers day.
The desert locusts swarms are serious danger to agricultural production in the Near East, Southwest Asia and Africa.
Although it has been suggested that no mating swarms are formed in this family (Borkent 2008; Yuval & Bouskila 1993), no critical investigation has been pursued to date.
You can stick your hand on the ground and they'll swarm all over and you'll look like a zombie," Bill Leake from Austin, Texas, told CBS News about the swarms found on his 10-acre property.
The Cardiff, Vale and Valleys Beekeepers Association has asked people not to destroy swarms of honey bees because of them becoming a rare species.
Swarms of robots could be unleashed to contain an oil spill or to self-assemble into a piece of hardware after being launched separately into space, Correll said.
Seeley uses Lindauer's experiments about honeybee swarms as a jumping-off point to write about the important lessons of honeybee behavior and to describe his own lifelong studies surrounding honeybee swarms.
It appears that the stop signals in bee swarms serve the same purpose as the inhibitory connections in the brains of monkeys deciding how to move their eyes in response to visual input," said Visscher, a professor of entomology.
Ms Rooney was called to four swarms, including the one at Brian Jackson House.
They have included three swarms alone at Corpus Christi School in Middlesbrough.
ON July last year, I was called out from my home by a friendly woman who knew of my bee keeping and she escorted me, with my equipment, to where a bee swarm had settled nearby.
According to the BBKA, honeybee colonies are no longer surviving in the wild because of the diseases hitting the insect, and swarms looking for new homes should be collected for hives where they can be managed.
The model illuminates why it's so hard to control locust swarms once they reach the density at which the insects start to march in unison: The laws of physics overwhelm human efforts to resist the migration.
There was a show which showed swarms of insects, which I watched.
Swarms of insects band together and march across the landscape.