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swarm (all) over someone or something

to gather and move all about on someone or throughout something or some place. The ants swarmed all over our picnic table. The children swarmed over the furniture.
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swarm around someone or something

to gather or crowd around someone or something, in the manner of a swarm of bees. The little children swarmed around the lady with the candy. The bees swarmed around the flowers.
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swarm in(to something)

[for a throng] to crowd into something or some place. People were swarming into the auditorium to hear the guitarist. They swarmed in and ran for the best seats.
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swarm out of something

to move out of something in great numbers. The bees swarmed out of the hive. People swarmed out of the park at the end of the game.
See also: of, out, swarm

swarm through something

to gather in a crowd and move through something or some place. The shoppers swarmed through the store, buying everything in sight. The locusts swarmed through the field, eating the entire harvest.
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swarm with someone or something

to be abundant or crowded with moving people or things. The playground was swarming with children, and I couldn't find my own. The picnic blanket swarmed with ants.
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swarm with

To be full of some things or some people; abound or teem with some things or some people: The rotten log swarmed with insects. The courtroom is swarming with reporters.
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Two of the experimental cages were monitored to observe the age at which males initiated swarming in the absence of females.
In 2005 three caves in Gauja National Park, Central Latvia, were selected for studies of bat swarming (Fig.
Their simulations suggested that as a locust population grows denser, its swarming behavior changes from chaos to order.
Like zapping, swarming is available to any force with the network components.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Swarmcast, the provider of multi-source streaming technology for High Definition (HD) video delivery, today announced that it has been awarded US Patent 7,277,950, which Swarmcast is referring to as the 'File Swarming Patent.
Those marked differences meant that for some time, people thought swarming locusts and solitary grasshoppers were separate species.
Swarming honey bees do not feed and their ability to sting is reduced.
In another test, swarming crickets crowded around cotton wool soaked in a moderately salty solution in preference to cotton soaked in plain water.
We've had lots and lots of swarming pretty much throughout the entire winter,'' said Fisher, owner of Newhall/Valencia Exterminating Co.
Swarming occurs when warmer temperatures set in and termites leave their colonies to find new nesting sites.
I don't know what brought them out, but they were really swarming.
Scientists consider these structures crucial for group swarming.
The hive was discovered underneath the roof of a home on Marshall Way after the owner noticed bees swarming around the front of his house less than two weeks ago - enough time for the bees to build a hive from the size of a football to a watermelon.
The swarming bees are pretty docile right now because they're gorged with honey,'' he said.
In butterfly haunts with lower infection rates and more-balanced sex ratios, females don't bother swarming, Jiggins found.