swarm around

swarm around (someone or something)

To crowd closely around someone or something. The kids always swarm around the ice cream truck in the summertime. Screaming fans swarmed around the singer as he left the building.
See also: around, swarm

swarm around someone or something

to gather or crowd around someone or something, in the manner of a swarm of bees. The little children swarmed around the lady with the candy. The bees swarmed around the flowers.
See also: around, swarm
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Kung sino ang nakikitang gumagawa ng masama, kuyugin ng mabubuting pulis (Whoever is doing something illegal, I hope the good policemen will swarm around him),' he told reporters on Wednesday.
A SMALL girl looks on as a pack of hunt hounds swarm around the bloodied bodies of two fox cubs.
Usually, he's the one behind the camera, but in what amounts to a French "Kids," Clark can be seen passed out in the opening scene, spilled across the steps of the Palais de Tokyo as skaters swarm around him.
Meanwhile, Brazil's Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo has warned English fans of the violence in the country and said that nobody is comfortable with violence or 'arrastao'- gangs of marauding teenagers carrying knives or guns who suddenly emerge and swarm around their victim.
As fishing boats swarm around the islands, and patrol boats follow to enforce territorial claims or provide protection, many analysts fear an accidental clash and inevitable conflict.
Eat, drink and be merry all round as each lad and lass just large it en masse It need not be over-profound But as children all swarm around Santa In whom they all clearly believe there's something far bigger than that jovial banter who's agenda they cannot conceive The moral need not be overly much or the lesson be taken too grimly You do not require too much of a red alert touch with a Santa too obese for that chimney.
The queen bees were put in small cages and tied around their bodies while other bees recognized the scent and began to swarm around, covering the two competitors' bodies and forming a suit of bees.
One mystery of the Milky Way's central black hole is why so many young, luminous stars swarm around it.
emergency workers swarm around the blackened DC-9 in Goma, Congo.
He must have a thing about Big Brother stars, though, because they seem to swarm around him.
With so much capital continuing to swarm around the investment sales market, there has to be a continuation back to the leasing market.
Brisbane's pack swarm around Parramatta's Michael Vella
While the zombies of the past would simply groan and stumble toward you, these villagers relentlessly swarm around you like the Steelers defense.
For some strange reason, young ladies still swarm around the 56-year-old, balding, specky, Swedish multi-millionaire.
Usually the great skuas would jostle with the other birds that swarm around boats to pick up the fishermen's unwanted catch, but smaller catches have led to the predators turning on smaller birds for food.