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swarm over (someone or something)

To crawl or gather on top of someone or something in great numbers. Players from both teams swarmed over the ball after the quarterback's fumble. All you could see was rats swarming over the pile of garbage. Mosquitos swarmed over us at the picnic, until eventually we had to pack up and leave.
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swarm around (someone or something)

To crowd closely around someone or something. The kids always swarm around the ice cream truck in the summertime. Screaming fans swarmed around the singer as he left the building.
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swarm in(to) (something or some place)

To move in(to some place or thing) very quickly and in great numbers. Customers swarmed in the moment we opened our doors for our huge Black Friday sale. Bugs began swarming into the house through the open window. Police swarmed in the building to apprehend the suspect.
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swarm out (of something or some place)

To move out (of some place or thing) very quickly and in great numbers. Students swarmed out the moment the final bell of the year rang. Bees began swarming out of the hive after we accidentally hit it with a baseball.
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swarm with (someone or something)

To be filled or covered with a huge number of people or things. I nearly died of fright to discover our trashcan was swarming with cockroaches. The beaches in this town are swarming with people in the summer, so it's actually nicer to be here in the offseason.
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swarm through (something or some place)

To move through something or some place very quickly and in great numbers. Students began swarming through the doors of the school as soon as the last bell of the year rang. Dogs swarmed through the fields and woods in search of the suspect.
See also: swarm, through

swarm (all) over someone or something

to gather and move all about on someone or throughout something or some place. The ants swarmed all over our picnic table. The children swarmed over the furniture.
See also: over, swarm

swarm around someone or something

to gather or crowd around someone or something, in the manner of a swarm of bees. The little children swarmed around the lady with the candy. The bees swarmed around the flowers.
See also: around, swarm

swarm in(to something)

[for a throng] to crowd into something or some place. People were swarming into the auditorium to hear the guitarist. They swarmed in and ran for the best seats.
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swarm out of something

to move out of something in great numbers. The bees swarmed out of the hive. People swarmed out of the park at the end of the game.
See also: of, out, swarm

swarm through something

to gather in a crowd and move through something or some place. The shoppers swarmed through the store, buying everything in sight. The locusts swarmed through the field, eating the entire harvest.
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swarm with someone or something

to be abundant or crowded with moving people or things. The playground was swarming with children, and I couldn't find my own. The picnic blanket swarmed with ants.
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swarm with

To be full of some things or some people; abound or teem with some things or some people: The rotten log swarmed with insects. The courtroom is swarming with reporters.
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This apathy to casualties would prevent them from having their maneuver restricted by enemy fires, and their ability to field large numbers of swarm combatants offers them a resilience against losing combat effectiveness unknown to human combatants.
Initialize particle positions and velocities of each swarm with random values.
The swarm is different from the usual main shock with aftershocks in that the latter would constitute a major or distinct fault movement, followed by smaller readjustments, whereas the Batangas earthquake swarm was triggered by incremental fault movements, with intervening small events, Solidum said.
Usually, the initial position of the swarm agents is randomly assigned, and then the swarm moves to the global optimum starting from this position, which characterizes the stochastic properties of the optimization algorithm.
They should then work with the appropriate shipboard personnel to set up a safe perimeter around the bee swarm until it departs.
Each APKWS rocket heads for a different boat, in essence swarming the swarm with tiny lethal munitions.
In the above Turing Learning test, the classifier is eventually seeing through to the simple rules that govern the movement of the agent swarm, even though the actual behavior of the swarm is much more complex than that due to interactions between robots and with the environment.
After relaxing the bees with the smoker, he managed to attract the swarm into a cardboard box.
Earlier this month shoppers on Treorchy's High Street were brought to a standstill when a swarm of bees filled the road and then descended on a car.
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger Tom Moses spotted the swarm on the car as it was parked outside the Three Crowns pub, in Haverfordwest, and called in two beekeepers to gather up the swarm.
An old saw claims: "A swarm in May is worth a load of hay, a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon, but a swarm in July ain't worth a fly.
After surveying the current work being done in swarm robotics, the collection presents recent research results on cooperative movement and control, space deployment and formation control, path planning, target searching, stochastic modeling, cooperative operation and partner recruitment, and human-swarm interaction.
We are excited about partnering with Swarm to help us better connect with our fast-growing customer base.
Caringo Swarm fully integrates with Enterprise Vault 11 via Symantec's Storage Streamer API to provide joint customers a centralized email and data archiving solution that is cost effective, reliable and massively scalable.
As recently as 1938 a Mr Kearry pursued a claim for PS4 to the Court of Appeal concerning the loss of a swarm of bees.