swap with

swap with (one)

To exchange or trade (someone or something) with one. A noun or pronoun can be used between "swap" and "with" to specify what is being exchanged or traded. I really like the colored pencils you're using. Will you swap with me? I know your family has been bugging you lately, but I'd swap mine with you any day. My brother wants to swap places with me for a while and see if anyone notices.
See also: swap

swap someone or something with someone

to exchange a person or thing for someone else's person or thing. The representatives of the two countries swapped spies with each other. Can I swap jackets with you?
See also: swap

swap with someone

to exchange someone or something with someone. I like yours better. I'll swap with you. If you don't want the sandwich you have, I will swap with you.
See also: swap
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A swap dealer could enter into a commodity swap with counterparty A as follows: counterparty A will pay to the swap dealer the Henry Hub natural gas price each Friday for 100,000 cubic feet of natural gas and in return the dealer will pay to counterparty A each Friday a fixed price of $2.
In addition, for CDO transactions and given the nature of the asset pool and transaction specifics, Standard & Poor's allows the termination of the swap with the SPE being at fault.
Finally, the taxpayer could have assigned income rights under an existing swap that it had entered into in connection with its business, or at least tried to match the swap with the items that it claimed to be hedging.
You enter into a swap with a swap counterparty, using the equities it wants to allocate to a different asset class.