swap with (one)

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swap with (one)

To exchange or trade (someone or something) with one. A noun or pronoun can be used between "swap" and "with" to specify what is being exchanged or traded. I really like the colored pencils you're using. Will you swap with me? I know your family has been bugging you lately, but I'd swap mine with you any day. My brother wants to swap places with me for a while and see if anyone notices.
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swap someone or something with someone

to exchange a person or thing for someone else's person or thing. The representatives of the two countries swapped spies with each other. Can I swap jackets with you?
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swap with someone

to exchange someone or something with someone. I like yours better. I'll swap with you. If you don't want the sandwich you have, I will swap with you.
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But then to have Louis swap us for a different group was horrible."
PREACHER MAN Damian Lewis will swap US for the Scottish islands when he shoots new film