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all (one's) geese are swans

One is overexaggerating and not in touch with reality. Geese and swans are quite different, so to think they are the same is a stretch of the truth. I can't listen to another one of Tiffany's stories that cast her as the adored heroine. All her geese are swans if she thinks everyone at work likes her!
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*graceful as a swan

very graceful. (*Also: as ∼.) The boat glided out onto the lake as graceful as a swan. Jane is graceful as a swan.
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I swan!

Rur. What a surprise! Well, I swan! I didn't expect to see you here! Tom: I hear Charlie just won a thousand dollars! Jane: I swan!

swan song

Fig. the last work or performance of a playwright, musician, actor, etc., before death or retirement. His portrayal of Lear was the actor's swan song. We didn't know that her performance last night was the singer's swan song.
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swan song

A final accomplishment or performance, one's last work. For example, I'm resigning tomorrow; this project was my swan song. This term alludes to the old belief that swans normally are mute but burst into beautiful song moments before they die. Although the idea is much older, the term was first recorded in English only in 1890.
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a swan song

A swan song is the last performance or piece of work that someone does in their career. He had made up his mind that this show was going to be his swan song. Note: This expression developed from a belief that a dying swan sings.
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all someone's geese are swans

someone habitually exaggerates the merits of undistinguished people or things.
The goose is proverbially contrasted with the swan as being the clumsier, less elegant, and less distinguished bird; compare with turn geese into swans below.
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turn geese into swans

exaggerate the merits of people.
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swan song

Last effort. An ancient belief held that swans, who are usually silent, burst into beautiful song with their dying breaths. As a phrase, “swan song” connotes a last burst of energy before expiring.
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That she handled the bird so well was a surprise because it can take a dozen swans before a small dog makes a solid retrieve while handling such ungainly prey.
The RSPCA took the injured male swan to Macarthur, Barstow and Gibbs vets in Worcester where they removed six pellets from his neck and beak, but it sadly lost an eye.
These swans are very annoying, and the students feel as though they're being bullied.
Several concerned residents contacted the RSPCA after the suspected attack on the swan, part of a nesting pair that had settled on parkland just off East Lancashire Road in Norris Green.
The birds - a mother and a cygnet wandered on to the bridge during rush hour, not far from the Swan House roundabout.
And, before the first award is even handed out, Black Swan Wines, the official wine sponsor for the FOX Golden Globes Party, is already preparing four bold varietals to toast this year's elegant swans, nominees and winners.
Chapter 2, "Grace and Favour" is based on human observations of swans and begins with some of the early taxonomic works with some emphasis on illustrations of swans that accompanied the texts.
Mute swans on the Thames belong to the monarchy and are counted every year by the Queen's Swan Marker in a ritual known as "swan upping".
the swan events culminate in an evening of classical music as the University of Southern Mississippi salutes the "Festival of Swans" with a performance by world-renowned violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and the Southern Mississippi Symphony Orchestra on the USM campus in Bennett Auditorium.
Mr Martin said he was unimpressed with the way police handled attacks on swans.
The swans at the Claddagh are so tame that they will come right up to you and take a piece of bread out of your hand.
Artistic director Stanton Welch's new Swan Lake, with spectacular costumes and sets by the late Kristian Fredrikson, is a fresh read on the classic story.
and their intense aggressiveness, Bourne's swans are more suggestive of satyrs than of anything from the avian kingdom.
IRELAND'S swans are turning PINK - and no-one knows why.