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swamp (someone or something) with (something)

1. To cover someone or something with a large amount of something, especially water. Often used in passive constructions. Heavy rainfall swamped the paths with water, making the mountain totally inaccessible. The tiny village was swamped with mud as a result of the landslide.
2. To fill a boat or ship with water, especially to the point of sinking. Often used in passive constructions. A huge wave swelled up and swamped the boat with ice-cold water. Our ship was being swamped with water, so we had to swim for shore if we wanted to survive.
3. To surround someone or something with something overpowering or pervasive, especially an odor. Often used in passive constructions. His cooking swamped the house with the smell of onions and garlic. I walked in the door and was instantly swamped with the stale stench of cigarettes, booze, and unwashed men.
4. To burden or overwhelm someone or something with a large amount of something. Often used in passive constructions. Angry customers began swamping the customer service department with complaints and threats. After the famous actor mentioned our company in one of his social media posts, we became swamped with orders from all over the country. I'd love to come see your game tomorrow, son, but I'm totally swamped with work right now.
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Extremely busy, to the point of being overwhelmed, overburdened, or overworked. We've been absolutely swamped ever since the famous actor mentioned our company in one of his social media posts. I'd love to come see your game tomorrow, son, but I'm totally swamped with work right now.
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up to (one's) neck in alligators

business adage So overcome or preoccupied by various tangential worries, problems, or tasks that one loses sight of the ultimate goal or objective. The full expression is some variation of "When you are up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget that the goal was to drain the swamp." I've spent so much time dealing with various infrastructure problems for my new business that I've had no time to actually develop our product properly. I guess it's easy to forget that when up to your neck in alligators, the mission was to drain the swamp.
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swamp someone or something with something

to cover or deluge someone or something with something. The flood swamped our property with river water. The many orders for their product swamped the small business with too much to do.
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1. mod. very, very busy. I can’t handle it now. I’m swamped.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Look at him! He’s swamped—stoned out of his mind.
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Records further show that on 1 June 1884, Harry Plunkett, having just celebrated his 36th birthday, was appointed by the Ministry of Marine & Fisheries as "Keeper of light" at Swampy Island, with a salary of $350 per annum.
The motorist then attempted to elude the trooper from the Coburg Road area, onto Interstate 105 and area side streets until driving through a yard at Yolanda Avenue and 31st Street into a swampy area, police said.
The swampy lowland is where vocational education and training (VET) practitioners meet the learners.
arrived at the scene of an airplane crash last summer, he found three people injured and a volatile scene, with aviation fuel leaking from the plane into the swampy area near Gardner Municipal Airport.
Insecticides will be sprayed along fiver banks, flowing water, and swampy areas.
Their swampy, scuzzy rock was perfectly suited to a tiny enue full of sweaty bodies.
I am a long-time user of the Swampy products including the IM30 that you reviewed and the IM20 all-in-one unit that you did not.
And one man was responsible for giving the movement a human face - Daniel Hooper, a middle class Buckinghamshire boy better known as Swampy.
A sorceress in Nairobi warns them of danger ahead, and they encounter plenty of it when the safari ends and they head out to look for missing missionaries in a remote swampy jungle.
* Washington Chief of Police Pelham Glassman, himself a World War I veteran, authorized a campsite for the veterans, along with 1,100 wives and children, in the swampy Anacosta Flats outside Washington.
THE general standard of play in the first round of the World Championship has been shocking, but Swampy can clean up when he takes on Mark Williams at the Crucible this afternoon.
The Bay of Pigs was apparently named for the fierce animals that once inhabited its swampy shores on Cuba's south coast (see map, p.
The piece chronicles Houston's famed swampy weather, the space program, even the traffic patterns.
Best, however, are Eric Quincey Tate's swampy The Bream Are Still Biting In Fereday, backed by Tony Joe White, and Herbie Mann's terrific 10-minute cover of Beatles rocker Come Together.
Low down and swampy, staying true to his New Orleans roots (he's been in the Royal Pendletons, Bad Times, and a few others), this one is a toe-tapper with songs like "Beat Up By A Girl," "I'm So Sick of Your Headgear," and "I'm 13 and Too Ugly to Live." Hope his house didn't float away ...