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Come on Robert, swallow your pride and reach for what you preach.
You don't want to be having dull sex any more than he does, so swallow your pride and go for it.
So John and Freddy swallow your pride keep your shares and arrange a special share issue of pounds 1 shares see what the reaction is then invite the top eight applicants onto the board of directors.
Be brave Steve, swallow your pride and play Forssell from the start with Sutton for the last two games to give us a chance of winning both.
So it's better just to shut up and swallow your pride,'' Jackson added.
But please John, swallow your pride and put us all out of our misery.
Most journalists are scared to ask the United boss the simple question "When are you going to swallow your pride and admit Veron is not worth his place in the team?
I know one thing is certain To put a smile on your face Is to hold a loved one real close In a tight loving embrace And if you do it quite often It becomes like a drug It really is amazing The power of a hug Whether in sad times, or glad times When arms warmly enfold you The feeling is so special As the energy flows through you Also in times of forgiveness Please swallow your pride Just hold out your arms And you will feel good inside There's no other feeling quite like it So don't be a mug Hold out your arms Go on, give someone a big hug
If you want to change your luck, the best decision you can make now is to swallow your pride and get back in touch.
My advice is to spend your voucher, swallow your pride and take in what the instructor tells you.
Swallow your pride, Jimbo, and get your best goalie back between the sticks pronto.
Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride,'' Piatkowski said, ``and accept the deal that is best for you and your family.