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go on the swag

informal To live as a vagrant. "Swag" is an Australian word for a pack containing a vagrant's belongings. Primarily heard in Australia, New Zealand. You haven't saved up any money? If you lose this job, you'll end up going on the swag!
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hump (one's) swag

slang A "bluey" is a bundle of goods carried by a vagrant or traveler. Primarily heard in Australia.
1. To live as a vagrant. Have you saved up any money? If you lose this job, you'll be humping your swag before you know it!
2. To carry one's belongings on one's back. Primarily heard in New Zealand. Aren't there any attendants who can help us with this luggage? They don't honestly expect us to hump our swag, do they?
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hump the swag

obsolete slang To transport one's luggage on one's back. "Swag" is a slang term for a bundle of goods carried by a vagrant or itinerant. Primarily heard in Australia. Aren't there any attendants who can help us with this luggage? They don't honestly expect us to hump the swag, do they?
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swag bag

1. A bag used to hold or store stolen goods. The criminal shot his partner in the back and took off with the swag bag. Come on, show us the swag bag! How many jewels did you manage to lift?
2. A bag containing or meant to hold items given away at events ranging from award shows to conferences. Look at all the stuff in this swag bag from the HR conference! Pens, a clipboard—even an inflatable beach ball! The contents of an Oscars' swag bag are always downright jaw-dropping—and wildly expensive.
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slang An abbreviation of "scientific wild-ass guess," meaning an estimate or guess based on very simple evidence, reasoning, or logic. Now, this is just a SWAG, but judging from the calculations I jotted down just now, we need to clear about $500,000 in sales to recoup our development costs. I never trust weather forecasts—in this country, they're little more than SWAGs!


1. noun Stolen goods or money; loot. Come on, show us the swag you scored from the jewelry shop! We found about $100,000 worth of swag in the suspect's storage locker.
2. noun Small promotional items given away at events such as conferences. Look at all the swag I got at that HR conference! Pens, a clipboard, even a beach ball!
3. noun Extreme self-confidence. A shortened form of the word "swagger." All the girls want to date him because he's got swag.
4. adjective Cool; awesome. Yeah, that dude's pretty swag.
5. interjection Cool; awesome. Hey, there's free pizza here! Swag!
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Immediately after his speech, the SWAG President honoured Mr.
THERE'S NO INTENDED SCIENCE TO "SWAG SURFIN'." EVEN the song's creators and the DJs who saw it rise from Decatur to the world talk about it like some irreplicable magic they stumbled upon.
If all 25 artists nominated in the five acting and directing categories accept the swag, it could cost up to $1.4 million.
In such cases, a business does itself a disservice--many items are no longer available to order, and then the event is stuck with the same-old, same-old swag that people have seen dozens of times before.
No two items are alike, but matching wreaths, kissing balls and door swags can be pre-ordered by calling Pat Thomas at (978) 422-3566.
Friends Vicki Adams and Vicki Hender-son-Thynne, left, organised the Swag Swap event, above, which saw 'swishers' swapping fashion clothing items in Middlesbrough
He said, 'was his suit dapper?' I said: 'No, your swag was on point.' He repeated my words and said 'swag', then he started doing this dance."
William was so impressed with his "swag" dance - which means cool or style - he decided to show it to everyone later in the evening.
Clues on where the SWAG Patrol will be next are left on the Warner Robins, Ga.based credit union's Facebook page.
Instead of giving new residents boring and (arguably) useless move-in gifts, the Detroit-based third-party management company decided to offer something of real value: a "swag hag" full of gift cards, coupons and discounts to local retailers worth over $500.
A RECENT EXCHANGE ON the pages of The Australian and The Swag had Australian Cardinal George Pell vying publicly with Father Eric Hodgens, Swag co-editor Father Peter Maher and other Catholic writers.
They greeted Odd Future with a riotous chant "Swag! Swag!
AN ADVERTISING SPECIALTY INSTITUTE study found that promotional swag is more effective than ads.
Swag and Tucker was published in 1993 and told of a group of South Westland families who were robbed of their gold.
The night's first 100 attendees will receive swag bags filled with local merchandise.