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1. noun Extreme self-confidence. A shortened form of the word "swagger." All the girls want to date him because he's got swag.
2. noun Small promotional items given away at events such as conferences. Look at all the swag I got at that HR conference! Pens, a clipboard, even a beach ball!
3. adjective or interjection Cool; awesome. Yeah that dude's pretty swag. Pizza party with my squad! Swag!

scientific wild ass guess

and SWAG
phr. & comp. abb. a simple guess. (Often objectionable.) I don’t know at all. That was a SWAG. I always use the SWAG system.
See also: ass, guess, scientific, wild


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Fickert doesn't think it will be difficult to convince new retailers to participate because the swag bags' track record speaks for itself.
Harvest some leaves or branch clippings to create wreaths or swags for hanging on gates, doors, or mantels.
Easily the most interesting part of Swag is its celebrity crime feature which asks whether the fame factor can be used to excuse minor misdemeanours.
Swag is due to be broadcast in spring and Ritchie will be hoping it provides him with a much-needed hit.
PULLING TOGETHER: Head teacher Nancy Starritt has a giant swag bag to fill in the school's bid to raise cash for a play area.
swag it: A swag gives any space an infusion of seasonal glamour.
It happened to blind Derek Hitchin when he went in a pub with his guide dog Swag.
Tampa Bay families will enjoy a fun morning/afternoon with shopping, snacks, swag, and giveaways for the grown-ups and crafts, activities, a bounce house, and, of course, pictures with Santa for the kids.
And the production of Galang and Reyes' aren't the only things that La Salle will miss, it's also their leadership and swag.
With games and chances to score some sweet RIMS swag, attendees walked around the showroom floor to check out what each booth had to offer.
Request for Proposal: Cm @ risk for the building renovation for swag community health center (rfp)
u shood be moare censitv to human beans itz nawt swag 2 dew that.
The 16-year-old bowled the judges over when she belted out the US star's chart-topper Turn My Swag On.
It also features a spectacular evening fashion show starring the Hammond dancers, with the opportunity to view Simmi Woman's winter and Christmas designer ladieswear collection, menswear by Swag Menswear and hair by Absolute Cutters.