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swab out

1. To use something absorbent to clean the inside of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "swab" and "out." Did you hear me? I said go clean your room! Do you need to swab your ears out? The doctor carefully swabbed out the wound and then rinsed it with a saline solution.
2. To use something absorbent to clean dirt or other contaminants out of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "swab" and "out." It always makes me gag to see him swabbing wax out of his ears like that. Make sure you carefully swab out all the dirt before you apply the bandage.
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swab down

To clean or wash some surface with an absorbent cleaning implement. A noun or pronoun can be used between "swab" and "down." He has been relegated to swabbing down the deck for the foreseeable future as punishment for his actions. I swabbed her brow down with a cool, wet sponge.
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swab something down

to wash or scrub something, such as the deck of a ship. The sailors were told to swab the deck down each day. Swab down the deck!
See also: down, swab

swab something out

to wash or wipe something out in order to make it clean. The doctor swabbed my ear out carefully. The doctor swabbed out my ear carefully.
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swab something out of something

 and swab something Out
to wipe or mop something out of something. The doctor swabbed the wax out of my ear. I swabbed out the last of the mud on the floor.
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swab down

To clean a surface with a swab: The sailor swabbed down the deck. If the table is dirty, swab it down with lots of soap.
See also: down, swab

swab out

To clean the inside of something with a swab: I used this cloth to swab out the rifles. The doctor swabbed my ear out.
See also: out, swab
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When the researchers assumed that these unsubmitted samples all tested negative, the diagnostic yield of stool samples fell to 57% and several odds ratios inverted in favor of rectal swabs.
Patents for additional aspects of the PurFlock Ultra swab technology are pending in the US and elsewhere.
According to the company, the nasal swabs are most effective at shortening the duration of a cold when used at the first sign.
8%, with no statistically significant difference from urethral swabs (P = .
This study was designed to compare the sensitivity and specificity of self-collected vulvovaginal swabs vs clinician-collected swabs for chlamydia and gonorrhea, both in asymptomatic women and women with symptoms of an STI.
It was a prospective study involving 100 pregnant women with regular follow up in all three trimesters and they were divided into two groups: culture positive and culture negative according to the swab culture reports.
She said: "The figures suggest that the police are still taking swabs from very young children when this information is not likely to be necessary.
Using an atomic force microscope to measure the adhesive forces between explosive particles and different self-assembled monolayers, the scientists concluded that swab fabrics could be improved to collect smaller amounts of explosives by peppering them with hydroxyl, phenyl and amine functional groups.
Forgetting to swab bore after each round can ignite propellant and damage equipment.
Fast and correct count of number swabs stand for human count.
The Results: Around 20% of the swabs came back positive for a virus that could cause a respiratory illness.
Two other cases of swabs left in patients at the hospital in 2008 were revealed.
SAN DIEGO -- Nasopharyngeal flocked swabs are significantly more effective than nasopharyngeal aspirates for recovery of respiratory viruses, according to a nostril-to-nostril comparative study.
Sangwan's study was funded in part by research grants from Copan Diagnostics, the developers of flocked swabs, and Diagnostic Hybrids.
THE VAGINAL swabs of Arushi Talwar, a crucial piece of evidence in the murder of the Noida teenager, could be lost forever.