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swab something down

to wash or scrub something, such as the deck of a ship. The sailors were told to swab the deck down each day. Swab down the deck!
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swab something out

to wash or wipe something out in order to make it clean. The doctor swabbed my ear out carefully. The doctor swabbed out my ear carefully.
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swab something out of something

 and swab something Out
to wipe or mop something out of something. The doctor swabbed the wax out of my ear. I swabbed out the last of the mud on the floor.
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swab down

To clean a surface with a swab: The sailor swabbed down the deck. If the table is dirty, swab it down with lots of soap.
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swab out

To clean the inside of something with a swab: I used this cloth to swab out the rifles. The doctor swabbed my ear out.
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Swabs were largely taken from boys and older teens, although 456 children between the ages of 10 and 12 were swabbed in the period.
A spokeswoman for airport owner BAA said: "She was swabbed because something set off the alarm in the metal detector.
Detective Inspector Brent Parry said five people had been swabbed to date, with more to follow over the coming weeks.
The pillboxes used to collect the scrapings were swabbed with applicators moistened with sterile water and processed alongside a friction swab of the item.
The Ellenberger breccia porosity has been perforated and swabbed down with a show of oil and limited water production.
In the laboratory, the cloacal and nasopharyngeal areas were swabbed from each bird individually with standard cotton applicators.
When the researchers swabbed normal and unpigmented strains of S.