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sustain (one) in (something)

1. To buoy, bolster, and help maintain one's spirits or vitalities in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. Your spouse must be someone who lifts you even higher during the best of times and who can sustain you in the worst of times. My sister has always sustained me in situations where it felt like I was completely alone.
2. To provide the necessities, especially nourishment or finances, in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. We have always been able to rely on this brand to sustain us in periods when our other products' sales have been slow. Our mother had to work three different jobs to sustain us in the years after our father left.
3. To provide financial support or stability to one during the course of some task, activity, or endeavor. The board of directors has made it clear that they will sustain us in our new project. Our charity depends on your donations to sustain us in our goal of providing high-quality medical treatments to people in disadvantaged areas.
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sustain someone in something

to stand by or support someone through some problem. She knew she could count on her friends to sustain her in times of trouble. We will sustain you in the difficult times the best we can.
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Another initiative that offers potential sustainment benefits is increasing the use of Modular Open Systems Architecture.
Comtech also received an additional USD1.1m of funding related to the definitization of Year 1 of the BFT-1 sustainment contract.
For these reasons, sustainment command intelligence analysts must become masters of networking with fellow analysts.
Sustainment membership in the A/T-37 and T-38 TCG is normally fulfilled using follow-on "G" or "Q" cases with lines that cover the following:
How often have you heard the expression that systems are "thrown over the fence" from acquisition to sustainment? Or that systems which transition from acquisition to sustainment often didn't adequately plan for and fund sustainment?
Field Manual (FM) 4.0, Sustainment, is now available as an audio book.
This is particularly true for the sustainment community.
Sustainment Support System computer software is fast becoming the heartbeat of in-transit visibility for the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and its Task Force concept.
The Boeing Co., Seal Beach, Calif., is being awarded a $7,711,464 firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee, cost plus award fee contract modification to provide for monitor and track the GPS satellite includes: a) contractor development support, b) sustainment CLS, c) level 2 software maintenance, d) depot hardware maintenance, and e) sustainment engineering support.
The Army Functional Concept for Movement and Maneuver states, "Improved mobility and sustainment capabilities, along with fundamental demand reduction, enable BCTs [brigade combat teams] to operate at a tempo the enemy cannot respond to or sustain, while allowing BCTs to concentrate combat power rapidly to close with and destroy enemy forces from multiple positions of advantage."
The highest level in this hierarchy is at the human resources sustainment center (HRSC).
This is part I of a two-part article suggesting that life cycle logisticians press to establish more persistent and thorough analysis of fielded defense system sustainment performance and associated operations and support costs.
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