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sustain (one) in (something)

1. To buoy, bolster, and help maintain one's spirits or vitalities in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. Your spouse must be someone who lifts you even higher during the best of times and who can sustain you in the worst of times. My sister has always sustained me in situations where it felt like I was completely alone.
2. To provide the necessities, especially nourishment or finances, in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. We have always been able to rely on this brand to sustain us in periods when our other products' sales have been slow. Our mother had to work three different jobs to sustain us in the years after our father left.
3. To provide financial support or stability to one during the course of some task, activity, or endeavor. The board of directors has made it clear that they will sustain us in our new project. Our charity depends on your donations to sustain us in our goal of providing high-quality medical treatments to people in disadvantaged areas.
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sustain someone in something

to stand by or support someone through some problem. She knew she could count on her friends to sustain her in times of trouble. We will sustain you in the difficult times the best we can.
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Asia Pacific is expected to account for a share of 23.73% by 2027 in the Sustainable Packaging market.
*4 MUFG Sets Sustainable Finance Goals and Revises Environmental and Social Policy Framework
Neste creates sustainable solutions for transport, business, and consumer needs.
Since the first BNP Paribas Sustainable Future Forum was held in Singapore in 2016, the bank has been holding the event in South Korea, the U.S.
Critique: Exceptionally well organized and presented, "Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems" includes a complete listing of the contributors and their credentials, along with a seven page Index, making it an ideal curriculum textbook and an unreservedly recommended addition to college and university library collections.
Addressing the World Sustainable Development Summit 2019, organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), here, Naidu said that IndiaaACAOs traditional practices reflected a sustainable lifestyle and the Vedic philosophy of India always emphasised the undeniable connection that human beings share with nature.
So, sustainable cities in our modern world play a crucial rule in ensuring a happy life as well as realising many other SDGs on energy, water, climate change, employment.
But they are already well-positioned in funding eco-friendly projects in developed nations, such as renewable energy, sustainable buildings, and clean transportation,' she added.
Shift Technologies will introduce innovative and advanced digital technologies into The Sustainable City operational processes to automate tasks that would usually take weeks to complete, allowing the city to improve its sustainable performance through faster and more efficient data analysis.
The new global plan has 17 goals and 167 targets all geared towards creating a sustainable world for the next generation and to leave no one behind in the world's race towards development.
This alignment gives negotiators the tools to think differently about what they see, helping them to look beyond traditional negotiation techniques and to develop a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to business.
Gomez said sustainable tourism was no longer a choice but already a new norm.
For various reasons, manufacturers have to follow the theme of sustainability such as producing a sustainable product, complying with the governmental regulations, reducing the cost of production by conserving inputs such as energy, water, chemicals, materials, waste, etc., (they have a bearing for environmental sustainability too), global/social responsibility, satisfying retailers and consumers' demands, fulfilling NGO's and other organizational demands and very importantly to be a competent player in the highly competitive market.
ISLAMABAD -- The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is spearheading the progress towards a consistent and coherent statistical approach to measuring sustainable tourism.
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