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sustain (one) in (something)

1. To buoy, bolster, and help maintain one's spirits or vitalities in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. Your spouse must be someone who lifts you even higher during the best of times and who can sustain you in the worst of times. My sister has always sustained me in situations where it felt like I was completely alone.
2. To provide the necessities, especially nourishment or finances, in difficult or trying situations or periods of time. We have always been able to rely on this brand to sustain us in periods when our other products' sales have been slow. Our mother had to work three different jobs to sustain us in the years after our father left.
3. To provide financial support or stability to one during the course of some task, activity, or endeavor. The board of directors has made it clear that they will sustain us in our new project. Our charity depends on your donations to sustain us in our goal of providing high-quality medical treatments to people in disadvantaged areas.
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sustain someone in something

to stand by or support someone through some problem. She knew she could count on her friends to sustain her in times of trouble. We will sustain you in the difficult times the best we can.
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It is the move to embodiment -- the procession of Godself into the biotic realm that sustains all life -- that is the basis for unity within the Godhead.
As Certified B Corp.s, Grove Collaborative and Sustain Natural share a commitment to increased transparency and long-term sustainability.
Information about Sustain Dane can be found at their website
The primary endpoint of SUSTAIN is the change in HDL-C from baseline after receiving RVX-208 for 24 weeks vs.
Users can access Sustain WfF at
Over the years, through observations and in recent studies, Chemark has determined that what triggers the start of a coatings or paint company and what sustains it are certainly married elements to some extent, but fraught with anxieties of difference.
Different combinations of these parameters lead to the different outcomes described above, and all possible scenarios can be placed within a 2-dimensional continuum (Figure 2), with [f.sub.12] on one axis (i.e., can [H.sub.2] get infected from [H.sub.1]?) and [f.sub.22] on the other (i.e., can [H.sub.2] sustain infection?).
If only a small percentage of even the most talented and well-prepared are able to sustain careers in the field, what will be the fate of the thousands of other music majors who will receive performance degrees this year?
SAN has adopted cancer education as a priority area in its health education program and is committed to procuring funding to sustain cancer education efforts.
* Target security and economic assistance to sustain key countries supporting us in the war on terrorism and helping us to stem the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
There may in fact be a threshold such that if a society moves too far toward conformity and the autocratic government that is needed to sustain it, there can be no return back to democracy without a violent revolution.
In other words, when the resolution of the application is a close call, the courts should stay their hand and sustain the judgment of the zoning board.
Arrom interprets these changes as "grass roots" attempts to sustain crumbling racial hierarchies by preventing the downward mobility of white paupers from respectable families.