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suss someone out

Sl. to try to figure someone out. I can't seem to suss Tom out. What a strange guy. I don't have any luck sussing out people I don't know well.
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on suss

on suspicion of having committed a crime. British informal
Suss is an abbreviation of suspicion , earlier and more correctly spelled sus . Until its abolition in 1981 , a law nicknamed the sus law allowed the police to arrest a person on the suspicion that they were likely to commit a crime.
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suss out

v. Slang
1. To infer or discover something; figure something out: The spy sussed out our plans before we began. I don't know his intentions, but I plan to suss them out.
2. To study and evaluate someone; size someone up: They sussed me out and decided I was trustworthy. She's good at sussing out people who apply for the job.
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suss someone out

tv. to try to figure someone out. I can’t seem to suss Tom out. What a strange guy.
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SUSS MicroTec has gathered a lot of experience and competence in depositing such layers within the Image Technology Division where the same technology is used to protect traditional photo masks.
At chip or larger area level, the SUSS FC 150 Device Bonder is used for submicron alignment.
We are very pleased to have the CNF, a recognized pioneer in nanotechnology research, as our partner", commented Frank Averdung, President and CEO of SUSS MicroTec AG.
SUSS Mask Aligners require full field photomasks to expose wafers in one step.
SUSS ProberBench(R) operating system and SussCal(R) calibration software controls both the prober and the test instrumentation to ensure complete automation.
The patented SUSS GYRSET(R) system is based on a simple but revolutionary concept.
With the MA100e Gen2 SUSS MicroTec has designed a highly competitive automatic mask aligner solution that meets the cost-sensitive technology requirements of the LED industry.
DRESDEN, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec and Keithley Instruments will jointly host a seminar on optoelectronics testing to be held during the 28th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
GARCHING, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry, has received orders for multiple 300mm lithography systems from Amkor Technology Inc.
SUSS MicroTec addresses this industry need with the PAV150 Vacuum Prober.
GARCHING & MUNICH, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), a leading supplier of process and test solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, announces that Q-Technology Limited (Q Tech), manufacturer of compact camera modules for the global cell phone, notebook computer and security industry, has successfully installed a full SUSS equipment set at Q Tech's facility in Hi-Tech Industrial Park Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.
July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- SUSS MicroTec today announced the MA300Plus, a full field proximity Mask Aligner addressing the growing demand for advanced packaging tools capable of processing wafers with diameters of up to 300 mm.
GARCHING/MUNICH -- SUSS MicroTec AG (business address: Schleissheimer Strasse 90, 85748 Garching, Germany; ISIN: DE0007226706) (FWB:SMH)(GER:SMH), which is listed in the Prime Standard of Deutsche Borse AG, today announced the conclusion of contract negotiations to acquire HamaTech APE GmbH & Co.
MUNICH, Germany -- SUSS MicroTec announced a key order for its newly introduced MA300Plus Mask Aligner from Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL), the world's third largest semiconductor packaging and testing company headquartered in Taiwan.